Psychiatric Care and Treatment

My mental health status

Mental health is a positive combination of behaviour, feelings, perceptions, and thoughts. When this combination is distorted due to internal or external factors, the person becomes mentally ill, which can lead to various forms of mental illness, mental disorders, or psychiatric disorders. Due to the nature of the illness, the affected person’s life will be influenced accordingly. There are three common mental disorders that can be treated by psychiatric care and treatment, namely depression, dementia, and schizophrenia. Depression is a feeling of severe despondency and dejection, while dementia is marked by personality changes, memory disorders, and impaired reasoning. Schizophrenia is marked by a withdrawal from reality and also from personal relationships, living in a fantasy world filled with delusion, and having a sense of mental fragmentation.

Mental illness should be treated fast and professionally

When you detect a mental illness in someone close to you, it is imperative to act immediately. Instead of mocking them about bad behavioural patterns, or pushing them out of your life, a helping hand will give that person an opportunity to get back to a full and positive life. Psychiatric care and treatment can be the answer to various mental disorders, and can also be the answer to the people suffering from these illnesses.

The Psychiatric Hospital at Beethoven Recovery Centre

Beethoven Recovery Centre has a psychiatric hospital on its premises, admitting patients of 16 years and older. Our hospital is there for the exclusive psychiatric care and treatment of mental illnesses, with full-time psychiatric and nursing oversight available to all patients. Here we provide professional intensive treatment for psychiatric disorders, while we are following evidence-based protocols for the treatment of each of these disorders.

As part of our psychiatric care and treatment programme, our patients are consulted by psychiatrists and psychologists on a daily basis, complemented by 3 group sessions per day, under the guidance of our psychologists, occupational therapists, and social worker.

Our treatment and care of each disorder depends on multiple factors, including the nature and severity of a patient’s mental condition, as well as their physical health. All these factors are determinant for their duration in hospital, and dependant on the patient’s specific needs and condition.

The Influence of Mental Illness

Although mental illness patients may appear to live a healthy life from an outside perspective, it is very difficult to comprehend what these people are dealing with mentally on a daily basis. No matter what the mental struggle, or what caused it in the first place, people should not be judged by the state of their mental health. Rather reach out to these people and help them find the necessary psychiatric care and treatment they need.

Knock on the door of Beethoven Recovery Centre

At our centre, we will treat every patient with utmost discretion and respect, avoiding any form of discrimination towards the patient. We are focused on helping people, and will follow the right procedures to give them the opportunity to get back to a healthy state of mind and lifestyle. Please do not look the other way when someone close to you needs help. Choose Beethoven Recovery Centre and we will provide professional psychiatric care and treatment for the person in your life who needs it.

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