Psychiatric Care

Psychiatric Care for People Suffering from Mental Illness

Psychiatric care entails the treatment of a mental illness, which is also called a mental disorder. Such an illness or disorder is related to an imbalance of the thoughts and emotions of a person, either on a psychological or physical level. Such a disorder can be caused by a physical disease like diabetes or cancer. It can also be caused by dealing with something like a heart attack, high stress levels, a biochemical imbalance in the body, or genetic factors.

The affected person can show various symptoms that include social withdrawal, high levels of emotion, being irritable or sad, having excessive fears, worrying about everything, having continuous feelings of anger, mood swings, confused thinking with delusions and hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, and irregular eating and sleeping habits. These are merely symptoms that could potentially show that such a person has a mental disorder. Therefore, it is always a good thing to ensure that they are mentally stable and healthy. If they need help, the proper course of action is to get them diagnosed as soon as possible.

We Can Help You

Beethoven Recovery Centre specialises in psychiatric care. It is our mission to help and guide people to live the best life they can, while being hampered with a specific disorder. Although some forms of mental illness cannot be fully cured, the rest can be treated to a level where the person can face life on their own terms.

Our centre admits people aged 16 and older for psychiatric care. The programme we utilise, is based on a bio-psycho-social-educational and spiritual approach where the patient is holistically treated. As the programme is very versatile, it can be adjusted to fit the needs of every individual and help the patient optimally. Stage 1 of the programme consists of 3 weeks where the patient learns about everything regarding their illness and how to deal with it. Knowledge is power. By empowering the patient with the necessary knowledge about their disease, we can give them the tools to accordingly deal with their illness. The patient will undergo medical examinations and psychological assessments and consultations to deliver a comprehensive evaluation on their mental condition. With this info, the condition can be addressed, and the patient can be treated accordingly.

During the second, 4-week stage of the psychiatric care programme, the patient is guided to apply all the knowledge they have obtained during the first stage. This phase is completely voluntary and focuses on the empowerment of the patient to get stronger and more capable of dealing with their mental disorder.  During these 4 weeks, the patient will attend personal and group sessions to assist in the process of forging a path in life that is coherent with everything that they deal with on a daily basis. Nothing in life is free or easy to obtain. Therefore, we offer our guidance and treatment for people suffering from mental disorders.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice in psychiatric care for people living in Gauteng and the surrounding areas. For more info on how we can assist you, please peruse our website for details on our programme and facilities. Grab the helping hand that is reaching out to you today and get the treatment that you need to face life standing on your own feet.

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