Psychiatric care

An Introduction to Psychiatric Care

Psychiatric care is utilised to prevent and treat mental disorders, also called mental illness. At this stage, more than 200 kinds of disorders related to the mental health of people are defined as mental disorders. It is an abnormal medical condition related to the emotions and thinking patterns of a person, with reference to their thoughts, moods, cognition, perceptions, and behaviour system. The disorder can occur on either the physical, emotional, or psychological level of the human being. It can be attributed to biochemical imbalances in the body, a work overload sometimes resulting in unusually high stress levels, physical diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, or genetic factors.

Mental Disorders and Psychiatric Care

Social withdrawal, confused thinking, continuous feelings of anger, mood swings, excessive fears, worrying about everything, being irritable or sad, having continuous highs and lows, suicidal thoughts, delusions, hallucinations, and changes in eating and sleeping habits are common symptoms of people suffering from a mental disorder. The most common mental disorders are anxiety disorders, eating disorders, bipolar disorders, depression, schizophrenia, and dementia.

As these people suffer to cope with their circumstances, it is recommended that they receive immediate and professional help. The question is whether treatment will provide an answer. The answer is positive, depending on the nature of the disorder, which will also determine if the patient requires recurring treatment or can be fully cured. The more a patient is committed to the programme and willing to walk the road with the medical professionals involved during the process of psychiatric care, the bigger the chances are to reach a point where the patient is either free from the mental disorder or capable to manage it within their daily routines.

Finding the Ideal Centre for Psychiatric Care

Psychiatric care requires a well-equipped facility with professional medical personnel and a proven programme to optimise the treatment process for every patient. The logical solution would be to find an appropriate psychiatric care centre that is close to the patient’s living area. An outstanding centre in the Pretoria-Johannesburg area is Beethoven Recovery Centre. We are situated just outside Pretoria, on the border of Gauteng and the North West Province. Our psychiatric care unit admits people of 16 years and older.

Beethoven Recovery Centre greets every new patient with a welcoming embrace. Our personnel are friendly and the environment is very welcoming. Our admission staff will treat the patient with dignity and integrity, making them feel at ease form the start. Our medical team consists of general practitioners and registered nurses, psychiatrists and psychologists, an occupational therapist, and a physiotherapist. They take care of the patients in a professional medical manner. Added to that, our premises are situated outside of the busy city, in the heart of mother nature, between the Magaliesberg Mountains and the Hartbeespoort Dam.

A World-Renowned Programme to Combat Mental Disorders

Our website gives full details of the programme being used. The programme utilises a bio-psycho-social-educational approach, focussing on the total being and well-being of every individual patient. As the programme is very flexible, it can be adjusted to fit the specific needs of every patient, serving the patient and not putting them in a pre-designed template. This is done through a medical examination, psychological consultation and assessment, and a psychiatric evaluation. The patient will also attend therapy sessions which include music, art, and group therapy.

The duration of the programme used at our psychiatric care unit is 7 weeks, of which the first 3 weeks are compulsory and the last 4 weeks voluntary. The voluntary phase of this programme comes highly recommended, as the patient will be equipped to reintegrate into society and learn how to deal with their mental illness on a daily basis.

Psychiatric Care is a Viable Solution

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers solutions for people suffering from mental illness and disorders. Our programme is internationally recognised and proven to be effective in many instances. For more information on our facilities and our implemented programme, feel free to browse our website for details. We are here to help people in need, with a fully equipped psychiatric care unit and professional staff to ensure that our treatment centre is optimised for professional care. Please contact us directly with any enquiries.

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