Psychiatric care

We Can Help People who are Suffering from Mental Illness

People who suffer from mental illness display an abnormal behavioural pattern related to their regular thinking patterns, perceptions, and emotions, characterised by anxiety, depression, eating disorders or schizophrenia. Most forms of addiction can also be regarded as a type of mental illness, which can be something a patient can overcome with the ideal mindset. Drug addiction usually occurs from early teen years, while mental disorders are more likely to occur after the middle-twenties. People suffering from a mental illness will display constant signs and symptoms affecting their total being, which can cause stress for the individual and the people around them. Since their total being is affected, a deterioration in their social and family relations can develop, negatively influencing their daily routines and work output. Sometimes, these disorders are mild and can be managed by the person suffering from them, but when severe disorders are at play, it is recommended that the person seeks professional help and guidance. Certain types of mental illness cannot be fully cured, implying that the person will have to learn how to manage and control the illness within their regular daily routines. Although these types of illness may display extreme outcomes, every human being has the ability to make a choice to overcome the struggles in their way, and with the ideal assistance, these illnesses can be managed.

What is Psychiatric Care About?

When a person suffers from a mental illness, the ideal course of action is to seek our professional help and guidance. Should an ideal facility be available, the patient can be admitted for a specific period of time and become part of a psychiatric programme with specific goals in mind. At the psychiatric care unit of Beethoven Recovery Centre, we use a worldwide recognised programme with a bio-psycho-social-educational approach in which the patient is the primary focus of the treatment. This means that the programme can be adjusted to fit the individual’s needs and personality. The complete duration of our programme is 7 weeks, with the 1st phase empowering, equipping, and informing the patient to not only deal with their specific situation and illness, but also manage their personal life in accordance to the struggles ahead. The duration of the 1st phase is 3 weeks. The 2nd phase is completely voluntary and focused on empowering the patient to reintegrate themselves into society and manage their mental illness, should the illness be of a consisting nature, to give them the opportunity at a healthy and knowledgeable lifestyle. In this holistic-spiritual approach that we follow, we assess every facet of the patient’s life to achieve a comprehensive understanding and offer a complete treatment model to them, giving every patient 100% of our efforts to help them get to a healthy state of mind and face life while sustaining their mental health.

At Beethoven Recovery Centre, our aim is to treat every single patient with utmost respect and dignity, offering a shining light in the darkness that can envelop a person suffering from mental illness. If you want more information about our facilities or our comprehensive approach to treatment, feel free to peruse our website for details, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose Beethoven Recovery Centre and let us extend a helping hand to you or someone in need of our services.

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