Professional Rehabilitation at Our Centre near Gauteng

Gauteng is the most densely populated province in South Africa. Drug and alcohol abuse are common among young adult in Gauteng as a result of just how easy it is to get your hands on addictive substances in this province. Luckily, our rehab centre provides a haven for those who want to truly overcome their addiction and forge a new life of sober living wellness for themselves! Beethoven Recovery Centre is located just outside Pretoria, surrounded by nature, and removed from the busy city hustle – making it an ideal location to break away from a familiar environment and focus on yourself for a while.

The Daily Consumption of Addictive Substances

Many people are ignorant on the dangers of addiction when constantly consuming substances such as nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol, not to mention chemical drugs that are commonly found in prescription medication. As it is a mandatory and unspoken rule that you must consume alcoholic beverages at social gatherings, most young adults are at risk of developing addictions before they even see the age of 30. Items such as coffee, cigarettes, and beer are legally sold to adults in South Africa, only adding to the addiction rate in this country.

The daily consumption of addictive substances can lead to a physical dependence, without the consumer even noticing that they have become addicted. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of what you put in your body. If you are regularly consuming drinks that contain caffeine or alcohol, or smoke cigarettes, you are at risk of developing a substance dependency. To test if your body has already reached such a point, avoid consuming such substances for a while and see if your body has any cravings. If so, you might have developed an addiction.

How Do I Overcome Addiction?

Our rehab centre implements a rehab programme that is designed to address your entire being as opposed to only putting the focus on the addiction itself. This programme is versatile and can be adapted to any individual, resulting in a tailored programme to give the patient a true shot at being free of addiction for good. We admit people of 18 years and older to our rehabilitation programme, strictly on a voluntary basis to ensure that they are committed to the cause and willing to work with us to choose a new path in life and take control of their lives once again.

Our Approach to True Rehabilitation

Our surroundings create a sense of peace and tranquillity for our patients – allowing them to be free of daily distractions and focus on themselves. With professional medical personnel that are available around the clock, our patients are in good hands during their stay with us. Our premises feature recreational activities that keep our patients active and feeling good. We also have a gym for those who want to stay in shape during their time with us. Our programme tied everything together – equipping our patients to find a way to truly overcome the challenges of addiction in their lives.

Our Rehabilitation Programme

Our rehab centre implements a programme that is split into 2 distinct phases and stretched over 7 weeks. The first phase educates our patients on the dangers and challenges of addiction and how it can completely take over a person’s life by influencing their decision-making abilities and rearranging their priorities accordingly. This crucial phase allows the patient to come to grips with their addiction and face it head-on. In the end, it is up to the patient to make the active decision to break free from the grasp of addiction on their lives.

The second phase of our rehab programme is completely voluntary and comes highly recommended for those who want to forge a new life that is free from addiction. During this phase, we focus on social reintegration and maintaining a sober living wellness to avoid any relapses in the future. This equips the patient to take back control of their life and avoid the risks of becoming addicted moving forward.

When you truly want to overcome addiction, Beethoven Recovery Centre’s rehab programme can be your helping hand to pull you out of the downward spiral that is addiction. Please browse our website for details on our programme and facilities and feel free to contact us directly if you have any enquiries.

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