Professional Psychiatric Care Solutions near Gauteng

When you are looking for a solution to professional psychiatric care near Gauteng, Beethoven Recovery Centre is your answer. We offer a professional approach to psychiatric treatment – putting the needs of our patients above all else. There are several mental disorders that are treatable and adults who suffer from these disorders can greatly benefit from professional treatment. In this article, we talk about various mental disorders that can be berthed during adulthood, the causes behind these disorders, and the effects that they have on a person.


Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that can start at childhood and carry all the way through to adulthood. Many people define this mental illness as multiple personality disorder. However, the true definition is that this disorder alters a person’s emotions, behaviours, concentration, and their perception of reality. It can manifest itself through the development of multiple personalities as well in rare cases but are more commonly divided into 3 categories of symptoms. These categories include positive, negative, and cognitive – each with their own set of symptoms that the person can experience.

The positive category of symptoms includes movement disorders, hallucinations, delusions, and fixed false beliefs that are intensified. The negative category covers reduced feelings of joy and pleasure in life, reduced communication with others, and a difficulty to find inspiration and start projects or tasks. Cognitive symptoms include attention deficit, difficulty processing and understanding information, and difficulty applying information to specific tasks. Luckily, schizophrenia is treatable through a combination of psychotherapy, medication, and case management education. It also helps if the family gets involved with the treatment process.


Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD for short, is another example of a mood disorder that can be brought on by experiencing a traumatic or life-changing event throughout childhood, adolescence, or adulthood.  Living in South Africa, we are exposed to unusually high levels of violence and crime, as well as high divorce rates. People tend to underestimate the effects of a divorce or being a victim to a crime – brushing over it in an attempt to forget about it. However, this opens the door for PTSD to creep in and take control of their life.

PTSD has distinct symptoms that include flashbacks, loneliness, sleep deprivation, and emotional outbursts. People who suffer from PTSD can also experience uncontrollable thoughts and intrusive memories and will experience heavy stress and anxiety when someone or something reminds them of the specific traumatic event that they experienced. Beethoven Recovery Centre can assist people suffering from PTSD to overcome its challenges and forge a path in life where their PTSD is not in control of their life anymore.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your comprehensive answer to psychiatric care for people living in Gauteng and the surrounding areas. Feel free to browse our website for details on our approach to psychiatric care and contact us directly with any enquiries about how we can assist you today. Take the helping hand that reaches out and overcome the challenges of your mental disorder with Beethoven Recovery Centre in your corner.

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