Professional Psychiatric Care at Beethoven Recovery Centre

When facing a treatable mental disorder, people seek professional psychiatric care. If you live in Gauteng or the surrounding areas, Beethoven Recovery Centre is your solution to a psychiatric care unit that can treat mood disorders, anxiety disorders, conversion disorders, psychotic disorders, and ADHD. Although most mental disorders are not completely curable, a person suffering from one can learn how to live with it and overcome its daily challenges. In this article, we discuss some of the more common mental disorders and their symptoms.

Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Mood disorders refer to mental disorders that directly influence a person’s mood and state of mind. These include major depression disorder and bipolar disorder to name some of the more common disorders. Depression is a downward spiral that is never-ending and has a bottomless pit of despair that leads a person to procrastination and regression. This can be metaphorically described as a weight that drags a person down and becomes so heavy, that the person would rather go down with it than stand up and throw it off their shoulders. As a result, people who suffer from major depression disorder are likely to avoid social interaction and prefer to be alone.

Anxiety disorders cover a broad spectrum of mental disorders that include specific phobias, social anxiety, and separation anxiety. In essence, anxiety inflicts stress, fear, and panic in the mind and body of a person who suffers from corresponding mental disorders. Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD for short, can be considered as an anxiety-related disorder as well – causing unnatural levels of stress and anxiety on the body and mind when a specific event, action, or social interaction triggers a memory of a traumatic event that happened in their past. Such a trigger can lead to full-blown panic attacks as well.

Our Psychiatric Care Solutions

Beethoven Recovery Centre’s professional psychiatric care solutions revolve around treating our patients as individuals and adapting to their specific needs accordingly. Our psychiatric care unit admits people of 16 years of age and older and offers comfortable accommodation during their stay with us. Our programme is versatile and adaptable to the specific patient and their individual needs and preferences to ensure that we give our patients optimal treatment solutions and an opportunity to take back control of their lives.

Our psychiatric care unit is surrounded by beautiful mother nature and provides solace for our patients. Our professional chef and their brigade prepare 3 delicious daily meals for our patients, along with in-between snacks to ensure that our patients do not go hungry. Our premises feature various extramural activities to enjoy during their time off, as well as lush gardens to explore and a gym for those who want to stay active and in shape during their stay with us.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice in a psychiatric care unit near Gauteng! Feel free to browse our website for details on how we can assist with professional psychiatric care solutions and contact us directly with any questions. Overcome the hold of a treatable mental disorder with us in your corner!

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