Prescription Medication Abuse

Prescription medication is “safe”

Many people are under the impression that prescription medication is completely safe to use and can act as a cure to any of the illnesses, being completely oblivious to the dangers of substance abuse. Any prescription medication with an S3 classification or above is not safe to use for an extended period of time, with some people returning for a repeat prescription to extend their usage of the specific substance. It is on this point, sometimes earlier, that a general practitioner should warn the patient about the dangerous consequences of using prescription medication for extended periods, which can lead to prescription medication abuse. A practitioner should inform the patient not to pass the time slot linked to the safe usage of a specific prescribed substance, as it can quickly turn into an addiction through substance abuse.

Abuse Leads to Addiction

In contrast to alcohol or drug abuse, where the user would be aware that it might lead to addiction, an individual using prescription medication would usually be of the mind that the cure lies within the substance. Therefore, while justifying themselves that their bodies need the specifically prescribed medicine, it might quickly turn into substance abuse. A common misconception about prescription medication is that the specific substance is completely safe, while the truth reveals that the substance can be classified as a drug in its own right. As a result, the abuse of prescription medication can eventually lead to addiction.

Consequences of prescription medication abuse

The regular usage of a strong dosage of prescription medication can be damaging to your body over extended periods of usage. These substances have their own impact on the human body, with the risk of doing more harm than good when regular usage turn into prescription medication abuse. Therefore, prescription medication abuse can be avoided with the right amount of discipline to ensure that your body does not get any sense of an overdose in the process.

How to avoid prescription medication abuse

One of the best ways to avoid the abuse of prescription medication is to get yourself quality nutrition and avoid the need of going to a general practitioner in the first place. Marcelle Pick, a leader in the field of nutrition, once said: “The food we eat is our most powerful drug”. Therefore, it is very important to look for nutrient-dense food – food that is high in nutrients and low in calories, containing healthy fats, lean protein, vitamins, complex carbohydrates, and minerals. If you are unable to consume these foods regularly, it is recommended to add a high-quality multivitamin to your diet instead. Regular exercise is also beneficial to a healthy lifestyle.

Beethoven Recovery Centre

Our centre is situated just outside Pretoria in the tranquillity of the outdoors. We have a licensed private psychiatric hospital complemented by a private residential rehabilitation unit for people with addiction, including those who abuse prescription medication and carry an addiction as a result. We specialise in treating every patient with dignity and integrity, providing an internationally accepted bio-psycho-social-educational therapeutic programme to our patients, uniquely adjusted to the needs of every individual patient. These programmes are presented by an experienced multi-disciplinary team working under the supervision of specialist psychiatrists.

Details on Our Programme

We offer tailored treatment for every single patient once they are admitted, with our main programme consisting of 2 separate legs from which the 1st part aims at educating and informing the patient, giving them the necessary tools to be able to break their addiction out of their own choice, while the 2nd part is completely voluntary and focuses on how to maintain and sustain a lifestyle of sober living wellness, free of their addiction. Feel free to peruse our website for more information about these stunning programmes.

We have a division for drug and alcohol addiction to give people the necessary treatment to enable them to break with their substance abuse. We want every single one of our patients to have the opportunity to choose a healthier lifestyle, free of their addiction and being able to restrain themselves from falling for the temptation of prescription medication abuse, among other factors. If you need more information, do not hesitate to call us, or send us an e-mail. Beethoven Recovery Centre can provide the much-needed treatment programme for people dependant on any form of substance abuse, giving them the opportunity to choose a lifestyle of sober living wellness once our programme is completed.

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