Prescription Drug Rehabilitation

Your Answer to Prescription Drug Rehabilitation

When referring to prescription medication, the first and most logical thought leads us to the fact that a professional doctor prescribe these medications to us based on their professional opinion. Although this is all good and well, the reality of the matter is that most prescribed medications contain addictive substances – substances that could lead to physical dependence if you are not careful and aware of their addictive nature. Luckily, Beethoven Recovery Centre is your answer when you seek professional prescription drug rehabilitation near Gauteng.

How Can I Become Addicted to Prescribed Medication?

As we get older, we get to a point in our lives where we consistently require prescribed medication to deal with physical or mental ailments. Most of the time, we consume these without any question, as we put trust in our doctor’s medical and professional opinion when they prescribed the medicine to us. However, if you consume a specific medication over an extended period, you run the risk of developing a physical dependence to the addictive substance in that medication. Therefore, it is pivotal to discuss this subject with your doctor when they prescribe medication to you over a long period.

What Happens if I Develop an Addiction?

When developing an addiction to a prescription drug/medication, your body will most likely display cravings for that specific type of medication. Not to worry, there is treatment for such a type of addiction, and at Beethoven Recovery Centre, we help you to overcome prescription drug addiction for good. Our rehabilitation centre admits people of 18 years and older to our programme, split into 2 distinct phases to ensure that your path to sober living wellness can be realised.

Our Rehabilitation Programme

When it comes to our prescription drug rehabilitation programme, you can expect a versatile programme that can be tailored to the specific needs of every individual – covering every element of the human being as opposed to only shining the spotlight on the addiction. Addiction will affect every element of your being, which is why our world-renowned programme is so effective to deliver a wholistic approach to our patients.

During the first phase, we educated, empower, and equip our patients to face their addiction and come to terms with the negative effects it has on their lives. During this phase, we encourage our patients to make an active choice to forge a new path in their lives – one that is free from the ties of addiction.

The second phase of our prescription drug rehabilitation programme is completely voluntary and comes highly recommended to our patients, as it puts the focus on social reintegration and how to maintain a lifestyle that is free from addiction. Therefore, once you leave our care, you will be capable of avoiding any relapse and look forward to a brighter future if you chose to fight and overcome your addiction during our programme.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your answer to prescription drug rehabilitation in Gauteng. Feel free to browse our website for details on our programme and facilities or contact us today if you have any enquiries on how we can assist you to overcome addiction for good.

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