Overcome Alcohol Addiction at Beethoven Recovery Centre

Alcohol addiction is one of the most common forms of addiction in South Africa, especially in Gauteng. Since alcohol is legally sold to people who are 18 years and older, it is freely accessible and available to the masses. However, it is highly addictive and can become a problem when your body becomes dependent on alcohol consumption. If you are looking for a way to overcome alcohol addiction, Beethoven Recovery Centre is your solution! We are only a short drive from Pretoria and offer an environment of solace and tranquillity.

Early Signs of Alcohol Addiction

When someone is addicted to alcohol, it becomes clear in their behaviour, especially when they drink in social settings. One of the most obvious signs of alcohol addiction shows up in the amount of alcohol that such a person would consume regularly. Although some consider it an achievement or bragging rights when they can “hold” their liquor, the fact of the matter is that such a person can already be an addict and not even be aware of the influence that alcohol addiction has in their lives. Once confronted with the notion that they are addicted, they immediately jump to defending themselves as opposed to considering that they might need professional help.

Someone who is addicted to a certain substance such as alcohol tend to prioritise that activity in their lives above anything else. Therefore, their addiction influences their ability to properly prioritise things in their lives, putting alcohol consumption at the top of the list. The initial signs of alcohol addiction might be clear to others, but not to the person who is affected by it. Since we are uniquely wired and different from each other, addiction will be experienced differently by everyone. As a result, we implement a programme that speaks to the individual and not to the masses – shining a light on every aspect of the being that is influenced by alcohol addiction.

Our Approach to Alcohol Rehabilitation

Our rehab centre is open for anyone who wants to overcome addiction for good. We admit people of 18 years and older on a strictly voluntary basis. This gives us the means to help them on their journey to a life of sober living wellness. Our programme is divided into 2 phases, with the 1st phase putting the focus on educating and equipping our patients to truly overcome addiction. This phase aims to get the patient to a point where they can make an informed and definitive decision to overcome their addiction on their own terms and forge a new path in life.

During our 2nd phase, which is voluntary but recommended for those who completed the 1st phase, we equip and empower our patients to live a sober lifestyle and avoid relapsing into their old ways of living and thinking. We give them the knowledge and tools for social reintegration and staying on the path of a sober lifestyle – where they are in control and not blindly following their addiction. Therefore, once they leave our care, they will be able to live a life of true freedom and keep their focus on what is important in their lives.

Our Facilities

Beethoven Recovery Centre’s rehabilitation centre is idyllic in location and surroundings – with scenic areas that promote wellness and self-reflection. We offer comfortable accommodation for our patients and have various outdoor activities, along with a gym, to keep them active and relaxed during their time with us. With a combination of our ideal location and the world-renowned programme that we implement for alcohol rehabilitation, we give our patients what they need to overcome addiction on their own terms and avoid relapsing when they leave our care.

We employ a professional chef to prepare 3 daily meals and in-between snacks for our patients at our rehabilitation centre, ensuring that everyone gets quality food and never goes hungry. Our medical personnel are available and on stand-by around the clock, ensuing that our patients can receive any medical assistance, no matter the time of day, when they need it. Therefore, we take good care that our patients are happy and well-treated during their stay with us.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice when it comes to alcohol rehabilitation near Gauteng. Please contact us today if you have any enquiries bout how we can assist you to overcome alcohol addiction for good.

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