Mental Health Hospital

A Professional Psychiatric Care Centre near Gauteng

Mental health awareness is now more important than ever with the third wave of COVID-19 and riots that plague South Africa. You might think that these elements cannot possibly have an effect on your mental health. However, there are some mental disorders that are berthed from life-changing events, and studies have shown recently that people who had COVID-19 are more susceptible to develop a mental illness as a result of being infected with a life-threatening virus. When you are feeling physically ill, you seek a professional doctor’s treatment, and if necessary, you are admitted to the hospital to deal with it. In a sense, psychiatric care facilities work similar, only putting the focus on your mental health as opposed to your physical health.

What Classifies as a Mental Disorder?

There are several types of mental disorders that include genetically inherited disorders, behavioural disorders, and disorders that were caused by a traumatic event or experience. Genetically inherited mental disorders include bipolar disorder, autism, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) to only name a few. These types of disorders have a drastic and noticeable effect on the mental health and overall condition of the individual carrying such a disorder, and can be wrongly diagnosed by unqualified peers, friends, and direct family members. Therefore, there are several stigmas surrounding psychiatric care hospitals and facilities, commonly referring to people as being “crazy” who are admitted in such facilities.

There is nothing to be ashamed about when you have a mental disorder, as there are professional psychiatric care facilities that can assist you to get to grips with your disorder and take control of your life. This brings us to the importance of mental health awareness and knowing that a mental disorder can come over your path in the future as well. Disorder such as PTSD and severe depression can and will drastically influence your life – from throwing you off your daily routine to influencing your decision-making ability. As a result, it is wise to educate yourself on this topic and seek professional psychiatric care when you feel like you need it.

Our Approach to Mental Health and Psychiatric Care

Our psychiatric care unit aims to deliver personalised treatment for each individual in our care, with a programme that is adaptable to suit the individual and their specific mental disorder. We are surrounded by nature, creating a serene and relaxing environment to ensure that our patients can focus on themselves and not face constant distractions. We offer comfortable accommodation as well, along with professional medical personnel who are available around the clock to take care of our patients’ needs. We also have a professional chef who prepares 3 meals a day, along with in-between snacks. Our premises also feature extra-mural activities and a gym for those who want to stay in shape.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice when you are looking for a psychiatric care unit that offers professional treatment solutions near Gauteng. We understand the importance of mental health and how it can affect your life. Please browse our website for details on our premises and programme or contact us directly with any enquiries on how we can assist you.

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