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The Importance of Mental Health Awareness Going Into 2022

With a new year around the corner, we wave goodbye to yet another year that was crippled by COVID-19 and its devastating impact on the world. Now, more than ever, the importance of mental health awareness is brought to the forefront, as some people have faced troubling times over the past few years that have changed, threatened, or negatively impacted their lives to a point where such an event could have had an effect on their mental health as well. If you are looking for a psychiatric care unit in or near Gauteng that stands out from other hospitals and mental health facilities, Beethoven Recovery Centre is your answer.

Considering Mental Health on Equal Footing with Physical Health

People love to stay active and keep their bodies in shape with constant exercise and dietary adjustments. Although people see the benefit in keeping healthy and fit, they rarely do the same for their mental health. When it comes to your personal mental health, it is important to take care of it in the same manner that you take care of your body. Some people choose therapists and psychiatrists, while others choose to break away from their daily routines and just enjoy peace and tranquillity somewhere in the bushveld. Our psychiatric care unit offers both to deliver a wholistic approach to psychiatric treatment for people suffering from mental disorders.

Why Would I Ever Admit Myself to a Psychiatric Hospital or Care Facility?

The majority of adults are under the impression that if they did not suffer from any mental illness as a child, they will never need professional psychiatric care, as they cannot develop a mental disorder according to them. Although developmental disorders such as autism have a childhood onset, and genetically inherited disorders such as bipolar disorder would show clear family history, there mental disorders such as PTSD that can develop after experiencing a traumatic and/or life-changing event.

As an adult living in South Africa, chances are good that you have already been a victim of a crime or faced a life-changing event by losing your job and having to alter your life course, not to mention the high divorce rates. These elements can lead to severe mental disorders developing in your adult years, meaning that nobody is “immune” to mental disorders, no matter their age or family history. Luckily, you do not have to face a mental disorder on your own, as our psychiatric care unit near Gauteng can assist you.

More Than Just a Hospital Wing

Beethoven Recovery Centre is more than just a psychiatric wing in a hospital, with a complete care facility that is remote, surrounded by nature, and removed from the bustling city environment. We employ professional medical personnel who are available around the clock for our patients, along with a professional chef who prepares 3 meals a day to ensure that our patients can focus on themselves and be rid of any daily distractions. Our psychiatric care unit admits people of 16 years and older and can be a feasible solution for anyone suffering from a treatable mental disorder. Please contact us today if you have any enquiries.

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