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Mental health awareness is important for every adult, especially during tough and trying times. Some people think that they will never be affected by a mental disorder, as developmental disorders manifest during childhood, and most commonly known mental disorders are genetically inherited. However, depression is one of the most common mental disorders and can strike as a result of a traumatic event, a stress overload, or something that caused a life-altering change. PTSD can also develop as a result of such events occurring in an adult’s life. Luckily, Beethoven Recovery Centre is your answer when you seek a psychiatric care unit to overcome the challenges of treatable mental disorders.

Overcoming Depression or PTSD

Although depression and PTSD are only 2 examples of treatable mental disorders, they can be the most devastating and disrupting mental disorders for someone who has never dealt with a mental disorder before. We admit people of 16 years and older to our programme – with a complete evaluation upon admittance to adapt our programme to the patient’s needs. We are all unique individuals, meaning that wee all face unique circumstances and lead our own lifestyles.

Our programme features a wholistic approach that takes such elements into consideration to deliver optimal treatment solutions for each of our patients as opposed to only stressing the issues that specific mental disorders present. Seeking professional treatment and assistance is the first step to overcome mental disorders such as PTSD and depression. Our psychiatric care unit can be your answer when you want to take back control of your life and find a way past such mental disorders.

Different Types of Mental Disorders

Some mental disorders are episodic and require recurring treatment solutions to keep them in check, while others are developmental and carry into adulthood. People suffering from such disorders have a different take on mental health and going about their normal daily routine. Therefore, people suffering from a mental disorder should never be compared to someone else with a different type of mental disorder, as their disorders can have different impacts on their lives and had different onsets. Our patient-focussed approach ensures that our programme and treatment at our psychiatric care facility are designed for the individual, to give them the best that we can offer during their stay with us.

Our Approach to Psychiatric Care

We understand the importance of mental health and creating a safe environment for our patients to not let them feel like just another sick person in a hospital. Our premises are nestled in nature, removing our patients from a familiar city environment with its constant distractions. We offer comfortable accommodation for our patients, and our professional medical personnel are available at any time of the day to assist them. We also employ a professional chef who prepares 3 meals per day for our patients to ensure that they have nothing to worry about and can focus on their treatment.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice if you seek professional psychiatric care near Gauteng. Please browse our website for details on our programme and facility or contact us directly with any enquiries. Take control of your mental health today with us in your corner.

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