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Beethoven Recovery Centre: Your Mental Healthcare Facility near Gauteng

When talking about mental health awareness, people would rarely lean into the subject, as it is considered “embarrassing” or “shameful” when suffering from a mental disorder. Although some cultures and religions are still convinced that mental disorders are caused by bad spirits, the fact of the matter is that professional psychiatric treatment is the most effective way to deal or cope with a mental disorder. If you are looking for a mental healthcare facility near Gauteng, Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice.

Taking Care of the Individual

Our psychiatric care unit admits people of 16 years and older, giving them a thorough evaluation when they are admitted, ensuring that we can adapt our programme and treatment in accordance with the individual and their specific mental disorder. In some cases, people often misdiagnose themselves, thinking that they have a specific mental disorder while they might suffer from a completely different one. No matter the mental disorder, the wise thing to do is seek professional treatment. This is where our mental healthcare facility can make a true difference in the life of someone carrying a mental disorder.

Developing a Mental Disorder

With a wide variety of mental disorders, many people are under the impression that such disorders can only be genetically inherited. However, there are several mental disorders can that develop as a result of a traumatic or life-changing event, social patterns, and behavioural patterns. The 2 most common disorders in this category are PTSD and severe depression. Behavioural addiction can also develop over time, which should not be confused with substance addiction. Therefore, anybody can face a mental disorder in their lives and should not think that they are above it in any way.

Genetically Inherited Mental Disorders

Genetically inherited mental disorders include autism, bipolar disorder, and OCD. Such disorders require recurring treatment solutions, as they have a drastic effect on the individual carrying such a disorder. Genetic mental disorders can be episodic, which is the case with bipolar disorder, or consistent, with autism being an example. Professional psychiatric care is highly recommended, as such individuals require recurring treatment solutions to stay in control of their life and not let their mental disorder dictate everything.

Our Psychiatric Care Facility

We are located just outside Pretoria – removed from the busy city and surrounded by beautiful nature. With the Magaliesberg mountains on one side and the Hartbeespoort dam on the other, we create a tranquil environment where our patients can relax and focus on their mental health without any distractions. We employ professional medical personnel who are available around the clock to see to the needs of our patients, with a professional chef that prepares 3 meals a day and in-between snacks. Our premises also feature extra-mural activities and a gym to work out and keep that body in shape.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your answer to a professional mental healthcare facility near Gauteng. Feel free to browse our website for details on our programme and facilities or contact us directly with any enquiries on how we can assist with professional psychiatric care.

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