Gauteng Rehabilitation Centre

COVID-19 and Rehabilitation

We are living in unprecedented times in South Africa. With the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, countries are forced to take desperate measures to ensure the containment of the virus, as opposed to spreading it amongst their citizens. In South Africa, there are several stages of lockdown, of which some stages do not allow for alcohol or tobacco products to be sold to the public. During these times, people are more likely to realise that their bodies have developed a dependency on an addictive substance, such as nicotine or alcohol. If you are looking for a rehabilitation centre in Gauteng during these trying times, we are your solution.

Rehabilitation in Gauteng

Gauteng is the most densely populated province in South Africa. Therefore, there are many choices when you are looking for a rehabilitation centre in this province. However, most of the options are located within the city, offering cramped spaces and a constant reminder of the busy city hustle around them. We are located outside Pretoria, close to the Magaliesberg mountains and next to the Hartbeespoort dam. Therefore, we offer a remote location that is surrounded by mother nature, creating a tranquil and serene environment to promote healing and self-reflection for our patients.

Beethoven Recovery Centre

Our rehabilitation centre is accredited, with at least 37 medical aid schemes affiliated with us. We have an adaptive programme that is used worldwide and can be customised to fit the specific needs of every individual in our care. This programme covers 7 weeks, with a first phase of 3 compulsory weeks. Our medical team comprises of medical professionals who can assist you through the process of facing your addiction. With peaceful and beautiful surroundings, along with comfortable and private living quarters, our patients enjoy an environment where they can focus on themselves as opposed to what others require or expect from them.

Dealing with Addiction During COVID-19

Addiction would commonly start as a social activity. Many people would have their first alcoholic beverage or cigarette within a social environment. Although most would argue that it was a result of peer pressure, the choice to partake always comes down to you. This applies to breaking with addiction as well. Social drinking and smoking can turn into behavioural drinking and smoking, which can turn into an addiction, making your body dependent on nicotine or alcohol. If you have developed such an addiction, it is up to you to make an active decision to break with it on your own terms.

With certain levels of the lockdown in South Africa prohibiting tobacco and alcohol products from being sold to the public, chances are increasing that people might realise that their bodies crave specific substances with the absence of these products. If you find yourself in such a proverbial boat, all hope is not lost. We are open during the lockdown, offering you the opportunity to break free of such an addiction and find your way to a life of sober living wellness. Turn these troubling times into an opportunity at a new life for yourself, free of addiction.

The Reality of Relapsing

Many people think that certain rehabilitation centres and programmes would ‘cure’ them of their addiction, only to relapse at the first possible opportunity they get. Our programme focuses on the individual and their needs during their time with us. By equipping the addict with the necessary knowledge on the specific substance that they are addicted to, they become aware of the dangers of abusing such a substance and the devastating effects it has on their bodies. They are also made aware of the negative effects of addiction, and how it can take over their entire lives.

No matter the rehabilitation centre or programme, addiction starts and ends with you. Therefore, our programme puts the focus on you as an individual, while our surroundings encourage self-reflection and healing within a tranquil place of solace. We give you the proverbial tools and knowledge to fight your addiction on your own terms, allowing you to pave your own path to a life of sober living wellness, if you choose to do so. As a result, people who are dedicated to break their addiction will get the necessary proverbial tools and environment to accomplish such a feat when choosing us.

If you are living in Gauteng and looking for a rehabilitation centre that can assist you with addiction during lockdown, we are your first choice. For more info on how we can assist you, please browse our website for details on our programme and premises.

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