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Rehabilitation Centres in Gauteng

Rehabilitation Centres in Gauteng come in different forms. Some offer legal and useful rehabilitation programmes, while others operate illegally to undermine the effectiveness of rehabilitation in general. Many people have attended rehabilitation programmes only to slip back into the dark void of addiction at the soonest possible opportunity that they find. Therefore, rehabilitation is generally frowned upon by the masses in South Africa. What people fail to see, is the positive side to all of this that can potentially turn an addict’s life around and save them from a life consumed by addiction.

Addicts are commonly not aware of their addiction, except if it is as clear as daylight and has consumed their life in such a way that everything else takes a backseat. When an addict is confronted with the possibility that they might have developed a substance or behavioural addiction, they are prone to respond in a negative manner. This negative response will lead to avoiding rehabilitation centres completely. However, a proper rehabilitation centre can make a notable difference for an addict, even though they are reluctant to admit that they have a problem.

Beethoven Recovery Centre, a Viable Gauteng Rehabilitation Centre

Our centre is situated near Pretoria, in the heart of mother nature, close to the Magaliesberg mountains, and adjacent to the Hartbeespoort dam. The feeling of tranquillity and the beauty of nature immediately encourages self-healing and a peaceful state of mind. Our rehabilitation programme follows a bio-psycho-social-educational and spiritual approach which is versatile to adapt to any individual’s specific needs and requirements. Every person is different from the other, making us unique beings. Therefore, our approach to rehabilitation caters to the unique values of an individual as opposed to grossly generalising addicts.

This programme is split into 2 phases, of which the second phase is completely voluntary. The initial phase covers 3 weeks and is focussed on educating and empowering the individual to deal with their addiction. In this phase, the patient will gain the necessary knowledge, tools, and guidance to make an informed decision on their immediate future. Should they choose to face their addiction, our programme will give them the opportunity to completely overcome their addiction and build a life of sober living wellness, free of the grip that addiction has on an individual.

The second phase of our programme covers 4 weeks and comes highly recommended to every patient, even though it is completely voluntary. In this phase, the patient gains the knowledge and tools to deal with reintegration into society. This phase builds a solid foundation for a patient to build their new life on. Addiction directly influences a person’s priorities and thinking patterns, which leads to certain behaviour and decisions. Therefore, a life free of addiction can be a daunting prospect for an individual that has dealt with the proverbial ties that bind.

In conclusion, the effectivity of our programme is still based on the individual’s mindset. However, we provide a programme that optimises recovery within an environment that promotes healing. For more information on Beethoven Recovery Centre’s rehabilitation unit in Gauteng, feel free to contact us directly, or browse our website for details on our premises and programme.

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