Gauteng Rehabilitation Centre

Addiction Needs Rehabilitation

Most addicts are unaware of their own addiction. Some of them are oblivious to the addiction and the impact it has on their life. However, their addiction comes to light when they already have a total dependence on a specific substance. That dependence is also mostly observed by someone else, and not by the addict themselves. Therefore, substance dependency is mostly discovered when it is too late – when that person is already fully dependent. This applies to both drugs and alcohol and has a consuming effect on the user. It is a very large leap for that person to admit to dependency, and the first bridge to cross. Urgent rehabilitation is highly recommended and can be the life-saving step to take towards finding a way to a life of sober living wellness. The success of a rehabilitation programme always depends on the patient themselves. They are given the power to choose whether they are committed to breaking with their addiction or fall back into their old ways.

A Gauteng Rehabilitation Centre

Gauteng is the smallest province in South Africa. However, it boasts with the largest population. Therefore, this province should have more than enough rehabilitation centres to serve the different communities and individuals. Being a small province, everything is within reaching distance to all the inhabitants. Beethoven Recovery Centre is situated on the border between Gauteng and North-West Province, making us within reach of the people living in both provinces.

Our centre is in a serene environment that promotes healing and self-reflection. We offer a remote location that pulls our patients out of the concrete jungle and away from the constant hustle of the busy city life. Furthermore, it is within reach for people living in the area, as we are only a short drive outside of Pretoria.  If you take the virtual tour on our home page, you will discover everything about our location and what we have to offer you at our centre. We are surrounded by nature, close to the Magaliesberg mountains and the Hartbeespoort dam, filled with fresh air and the tranquillity of mother nature herself. We have beautiful gardens and many extramural activities to enjoy.

A Rehabilitation Centre that has your Best Interest at Heart

Taking a person out of the city and supplying them with fresh air and serenity on a full-time basis for at least 3 weeks, show that we take recovery seriously. We also provide professional assistance and an internationally accepted programme to ensure the total well-being of the patient. Our centre offers specific treatment for alcohol and drug abuse, as well as prescription medication abuse and behavioural addictions. For us, the patient always comes first, and will always receive the best possible treatment at our facilities. Our programme is designed around the requirements of every individual, making it adaptive to suit every patient’s specific needs. Therefore, anybody can admit themselves to our care and have a chance at a life of sober living wellness.

Beethoven Recovery Centre delivers a workable solution for people suffering from addiction. We act as a Gauteng rehabilitation centre, serving people who live in the province and surrounding areas. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details on our implemented programmes and our facilities.

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