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The Prelude to Rehab: Addiction

In most cases, addiction is not a personal choice. It can be defined as something that develops within a person before they become aware of it, turning into a complete dependence once fully developed. Although the path to addiction starts as a personal choice regarding drugs or alcohol, it can soon develop into a consuming need that drives people beyond their limits to fulfil it. Once a person has reached that stage, their life starts to change radically. Fortunately, a rehabilitation centre can offer viable solutions.

Rehabilitation is a concept that causes people to react negatively in most regards when someone mentions or advises it. Although people in need of rehabilitation might benefit from it, they tend to shrug off the idea and have negative reactions to those who mentioned it to them. Should such a person reside in the Gauteng province and only take a moment to research Gauteng rehabilitation centres, they will soon learn that a place such as Beethoven Recovery Centre only has their best interest at heart, delivering the care they need within a remote and tranquil location that will eject them out of the stressful and demanding city environment and give them the peace and serenity to get back to a lifestyle of sober wellness.

As an addict, it is important to take your own needs into consideration regarding an ideal location when considering rehabilitation. Comparing various Gauteng rehabilitation centres with each other will result in a well-informed decision that can lead to an opportunity to get rid of your addiction for good. Every rehabilitation centre in Gauteng will offer professional assistance and a complete programme to ensure the potential patients that they will break free of their addiction when booking in at their facility, but the truth of the matter is that nobody can be forced into breaking their addiction. It is a personal choice, and with the right guidance, a plausible feat to achieve.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is a rehabilitation Centre ideal for people living in Gauteng. Our centre is located just outside Pretoria, very close to the Hartbeespoort dam, and at the foot of the Magaliesberg, where the air is filled with peace and tranquillity. Research in the matter reveals that people are more prone to self-healing within a serene and remote location as opposed to trying the process within familiar surroundings. This is where Beethoven Recovery Centre delivers an ideal location, equipped with everything a patient would ever need to experience a fulfilling rehabilitation with the potential to completely break with their addiction.

We offer specific treatment for alcohol and drug abuse, prescription medication abuse, and behavioural addictions. Prescription medication abuse refers to someone who overdoses on prescribed medicine, whether it is in dosage or frequency. Prescription medication can also be classified as drugs in a sense, able to spark a dependency within the user. Behavioural addictions can be defined as a form of addiction that involves a compulsion to engage in a rewarding behaviour. This can also be referred to as a ‘natural reward’ that does not involve the use of any drugs, despite the fact that this behaviour can end up in physical, mental, social or financial ruin.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is Here to Help

Our Gauteng rehabilitation centre will admit patients of 18 years and older. Our rehabilitation unit offers psychiatric and nursing oversight to all our patients around the clock, guiding them with dignity and integrity to an opportunity at full recovery and sober living wellness. We offer a 2-phased 7-week residential treatment programme, which is adaptable to every patient’s unique needs, with psychiatric supervision available at all times. Phase 1 is called Primary Care, covers 3 weeks and is compulsory, while phase 2 is called Extended Care that covers 4 weeks and is completely voluntarily. No guarantees can ever be made regarding any rehabilitation, as the patient is in full control of their own choices and nothing prohibits them from relapsing into their addictive ways. Therefore, Beethoven Recovery Centre offers an ideal location with professional staff to give our patients an optimised environment for healing and rehabilitating, giving them the opportunity to choose a life of sober living wellness, free of their addiction.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is only a single option out of many rehabilitation centres in Gauteng, but can offer a remote location with fully equipped facilities and professional staff to get you back on your feet and offer a solution to any addictive behaviour. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for more details, or contact us directly with any enquiries.

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