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What does recovery mean?

Recovery refers to being restored to one’s everyday health, strength, and lifestyle. At the Beethoven Recovery Centre, we specialise in helping people to recover from a mental illness through rehabilitation. Psychiatric rehabilitation is provided for people who suffer from a mental illness, while we offer several rehabilitation programmes for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, amongst others.

Location is very important

People mostly choose the sea, a game reserve, or a place in the mountains to visit for a holiday – for peace and tranquillity – away from everything. However, when one needs a place for recovery, the focus differs radically, as the patient’s loved ones will then be looking for a good hospital with highly recommended professionals in one of the big cities for admission. There is one thing that remains the same: the patient will still be looking for peace and tranquillity. When people search for a recovery centre in Gauteng, they will most probably seek out one in the Johannesburg or Pretoria areas, depending on where they live. Beethoven Recovery Centre is remote from Gauteng, but easily accessible.

The reason this is such a good choice, is because our centre is just outside Pretoria, close to the Hartbeespoort dam and at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountains – away from everything – and a wonderful place to recover from any illness. Statistics support the fact that people are more comfortable and that they heal better in an environment filled with tranquillity and calmness. Please take the virtual tour on our website to experience this great venue, view all our facilities, and compare them to the other Gauteng recovery centres before making your final decision.

The setting of Beethoven Recovery Centre

The term ‘recovery centre’ finds a new meaning when a patient arrives at our centre. Apart from being out in nature, we boast with a well-equipped, licensed psychiatric hospital, a friendly team of professional personnel, together with a private residential rehabilitation unit handmade for people fighting their addiction. Our sport and recreation activities include a swimming pool, a pool table, a gymnasium, table-tennis, croquet, volley ball, and soccer to add to one’s peace of mind.

In search of a Gauteng recovery centre that will meet all the requirements needed for a speedy recovery, a person will find the following at our centre: First, our team of professionals consists of psychiatrists, counselling and clinical psychologists, a physiotherapist and an occupational therapist, case managers, general practitioners and registered nurses, as well as a social worker. Second, our rehabilitation programmes are both strongly recommended and highly regarded, and will help people to defeat their addiction or overcome their mental disorder, depending on the patient and the according treatment. Few Gauteng recovery centres have all these additional facilities at their disposal, making Beethoven a viable option for anyone in need of our services.

How to get admitted to our centre

Our recovery centre consists of a psychiatric hospital and a rehabilitation unit. Any person of 16 years and older will be accepted and admitted at our psychiatric hospital, boasting with continuous psychiatric and nursing oversight. Like in any Gauteng recovery centre, patients of 18 years and older can be admitted for rehabilitation at our rehabilitation unit. An integrative model following the bio-psycho-social-educational and spiritual approach is used to guide each of our patients in a unique way to full recovery and a sober lifestyle. The model, being drawn from a selected group of internationally recognised models of recovery, is adjusted to fit the needs of every patient individually.

From the outset, a patient will experience that we are passionate about people, and that we will fully support every patient, treating and respecting them as human beings. The patient will also discover that their illness can be treated sufficiently at our centre, with the amount of support not decreasing over time, but always available for when it is needed.

If you are interested to be admitted, or to admit someone you care about, to a Gauteng recovery centre, please peruse our website for more information. When you are looking for a quiet place out in nature, you will find that Beethoven Recovery Centre has everything you need to help you on the road to full recovery and sober wellness. Please contact us directly with further enquiries, and let Beethoven Recovery Centre be the place of treatment and healing for you or the ones you love.

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