Drug Therapy Programme

A Viable Drug Therapy Programme

Should a person be 18 years or older and addicted to alcohol, drugs, prescription medicine, or suffers from behavioural addictions, Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a viable solution. To define a drug is far better than to refer to some substance as a drug. A drug can be any substance, legal or illegal, that a person becomes dependant on and cannot go throughout a regular daily routine without consuming this specific substance. A behavioural addiction can be classified as a recurring behavioural pattern being displayed by the person suffering from it, such as pathological gambling, kleptomania, or even compulsive shopping.

At Beethoven Recovery Centre, we have a unique and internationally accepted drug therapy programme, built around a bio-psycho-social-educational approach. Since it is very hard to break with addiction, this programme is focused on assisting and guiding the patient on the very challenging road to recovery. If the patient is willing to fight their own addiction and overcome it completely, this journey can turn into a success story, making their own recovery a possibility and having the opportunity at a life of sober living wellness. Our programme covers 7 weeks of intense work, consisting of 2 parts, starting with an initial 3-week programme and ending with a voluntary 4-week programme that comes highly recommended for social reintegration and sustaining a life of sober wellness.

During the 1st week of our drug therapy programme, the patient is guided to self-awareness, honesty, self-forgiveness, and what to expect of themselves. The patient gets intensive skills training on how to deal with their addiction, being taught on how substance dependency occurs and how it can be countered. Week 2 is very crucial, as this is the week in which the patient is given the opportunity to make the active decision against their drug of choice, as well as a positive commitment to recover. During this week, the focus rests on the patient to reclaim and take control of their own life again. The 3rd week offers a very important stage, as the patient is motivated to take action of their life again and stand up to never fall back to their addictive ways. Each week of the drug therapy programme is filled with medical lectures, skills training, group sessions, and personal sessions. Each week closes with a personal discussion on the progress and development of the patient during the past week and what lies ahead in the forthcoming week, all under the watching eye of our specialist psychiatrists.

The 2nd stage of our drug therapy programme consists of 4 weeks, focusing on the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle free of addiction. The therapeutic and physical needs of the patient are addressed, as well as the recurring elements of a lifestyle free of addiction and substance abuse. Medical lectures and skills training still form part of the therapy and act as building blocks for the present and future wellbeing of the patient. The final week acts as the highlight of the past 6 weeks, focusing on the reintegration of the patient into a healthy lifestyle, family life, social life, and a professional career. During the last 4 weeks, the patient is assisted by our highly professional staff to get strong again, stand up, and make a positive mark in life for themselves and the people around them.

Our drug therapy programme at Beethoven Recovery Centre is very intensive and requires our patients to have the mental capability to make the right choice for their future lives. The programme requires every patient to fully partake in it, taking the process 1 day at a time, and being realistic about the daily development and overall outcome. Some days will be better than others, with certain days being tough due to cravings, while the intensity of other days could prove to be too overwhelming for some. This is 1 of the reasons why the initial 3 weeks should be complemented by the final 4 weeks, giving the patient an opportunity to completely break with their addiction and focus on a life of sober living wellness, free from the shackles of substance abuse or destructive behavioural patterns.

Changing your life for the better can only take place if you take the initial steps and commit yourself to a drug therapy programme. A life free of addiction is in anyone’s grasp, with the power to change our lives resting on our own shoulders. Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a viable programme that might just be the light at the end of the dark passage of addiction for you.

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