Drug Therapy Programme

A Potentially Effective Drug Therapy Programme

Many people that have been admitted for drug abuse have not seen positive results due to a plethora of reasons. The failed attempt at drug therapy can be accounted to some of these reasons, including a lack of proper therapy or a programme that does not cater towards specific individuals. Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a different approach to conventional drug therapy programmes and treatment.

Our rehabilitation centre accepts people aged 18 years and older. We offer a world-renowned programme that is built around a bio-psycho-social-educational approach. Our drug therapy programme is flexible and adaptive to suit the needs and requirements of every individual patient. The first phase of the programme covers 3 weeks of multiple sessions in which the patient is confronted, challenged, motivated, and guided on their journey of self-healing and self-reflection. In the first week, we guide the patient to self-awareness, -honesty, and -forgiveness. The patient is educated about their specific addiction as well.

In the second week, the patient is empowered to make a definitive decision on their lifestyle. This decision will determine the outcome of the treatment, as the patient is in control of how effective our drug therapy programme will be. During the third week, the patient is equipped to build a life without the proverbial ties that bind. Here, the individual will receive the necessary tools and knowledge to deal with potential relapsing and avoiding any addictive patterns. These three weeks are full of skills-training sessions, medical lectures, and personal and group sessions. At the end of each week, the patient has a personal session with a member of our medical team to evaluate the past week and their progress in the drug therapy programme.

The second phase of our drug therapy programme is voluntary and stretches over 4 weeks. In this phase, we address the patient’s therapeutic and physical needs, give them skills training, medical lectures, and guide them to reintegrate into their families, work environment, and social circle. This phase is highly recommended for every patient, as it lies a solid foundation on which to build a new mindset and lifestyle, free of addiction. Every individual can take control of their lives with the right mindset and knowledge to do so. Therefore, our programme provides the means for our patients to break with their addiction and get to a life of sober living wellness, should they choose that path.

Facing addiction can be a very long and challenging road for addicts. At first, denial will keep them from seeking the help that they clearly need. Not everyone has the individual strength to completely break with an addiction on their own, Therefore, Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a solution to those who struggle with any type of addiction. Our drug therapy programme is ideal for people dealing with substance addiction. If the individual chooses to face and overcome their addiction, our programme will give them the necessary tools to do so effectively.

Beethoven Recovery Centre’s drug therapy programme can provide the solutions for an addict that wishes to be free from the ties that bind. Please contact us directly with any enquiries or visit our website for details on our premises and employed programme.

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