Drug Therapy Programme

The Patient Comes First

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a versatile and effective drug therapy programme to our patients, with the programme being compatible with the unique needs and circumstances of every individual patient. The programme we implement at our centre is built around a bio-psycho-social-educational approach. The biological part of the programme focuses on the genetics of the patients, as well as relevant previous and current illnesses and medication, including substances used. The psychological part does research on the patient’s way of handling trauma, loss, relationships, past medical problems, and what the stressors, coping skills, and defence mechanisms are currently. The social part investigates the patient’s current support system, relationships, and peer and cultural influences, while the educational part concerns the training of the doctor, psychologist, and therapist in this programme, being implemented at various universities worldwide as part of their training. As a result, our drug therapy programme is focussed around the well-being and self-improvement of every individual patient, being administered by trained professionals within a controlled environment to optimise the effectivity of the programme and grant our patients the opportunity to get back to a life of sober wellness, free of the binding ties of drug addiction.

An Explanation of our Drug Therapy Programme

This programme is designed to treat people of 18 years and older suffering from any form of drug addiction. A drug can be defined as any substance, legal or illegal, that a person has been using over a specified period, up to the point where they cannot live without it and have become completely dependent on it, whether it is a physical or mental dependency. Our bio-psycho-social-educational programme will give these people an opportunity to full recovery, focussing on educating, empowering, and encouraging the addict to break with their addiction and find a way to live a life of sober wellness, being a choice that every individual must make for themselves. As this is a daunting task for both the patient and the professionals who assist and guide the patient, our drug therapy programme is designed to optimise the outcomes for both parties in the process.

Our drug therapy programme starts with 3 weeks of compulsory attendance, with an optional 4 weeks to result in a total of 7 weeks for a comprehensive approach to drug therapy. The initial 3 weeks are very intensive and demanding, with the aim focussed on assisting the patient to choose to break with their specific substance dependency. During the first week, the patient is assisted to a point of self-awareness, honesty, and self-forgiveness. As these steps are not easy to achieve, the patient receives intensive skills training in this regard, guiding them to deal with their addiction and self-image accordingly. The second week puts the focus on guiding the patient to a decision to completely break with their addiction. During this week, the patient is guided to take full control of their own life and have the opportunity to overcome their addiction, as they gain the self-awareness that only they can make a positive choice for their immediate future. The last week of the drug therapy programme equips the patient on the necessary knowledge and methods on how to effectively deal with their addiction, giving them the required tools to refrain from a relapse. These 3 weeks are filled with individual and group sessions, skills training, and medical lectures ending with feedback of the past week’s progress. Should the patient feel confident to leave after 3 weeks, they are released, although the second part of the programme is highly recommended for every patient who has completed the first part. During the second part of the drug therapy programme, the patient is guided to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and find a way to a sober lifestyle. The patients are equipped to be self-reliant regarding their addictive urges, face life from a strong and independent stature, and deal with any future temptations accordingly to give them the opportunity at sober living wellness.

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a world-renowned drug therapy programme that is presented by professionals within a remote and tranquil environment to optimise the process of self-healing and self-reflection and give our patients a viable opportunity at sober living wellness, free of their addiction. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details on our programme and images of our facilities, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Please do not hesitate to take the first step.

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