Drug Rehabilitation

Overcoming Drug Rehabilitation with Our Treatment Programme

People have different opinions about what defines a drug and what the word “drug” encompasses. The bottom line is that any addictive substance can become as dangerous as any hard drug when it comes to substance addiction. Therefore, people who are addicted to nicotine an refer to nicotine as their drug of choice and they would be absolutely correct. Luckily, all hope is not lost when facing a substance addiction in your life, as Beethoven Recovery Centre can give you the opportunity to overcome your substance addiction for good.

Developing a Drug Addiction

Some people would never use drugs such as cocaine and crystal meth, knowing the dangers that are in store for them when they develop an addiction. However, the same people would drink coffee and coke by the litres without even flinching or considering that they can become addicted to caffeine. The problem with substance addiction is that your mind does not become aware of the addiction until it is far too late. This also applies to prescribed medication, where people can become addicted to a specific substance in their chronic medication that could lead to overdosing or craving for more.

If you think that you might be addicted to a specific substance, the best way for you to determine whether you have developed an addiction is to distance yourself from that substance for a while. This can be difficult, especially when you have developed a habit around the consumption of that substance, which can the case with smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. During this time, it is only natural to yearn for another smoke or drink. However, if your body starts to react to the shortage of that substance in your system, you might be addicted.

How Can Beethoven Recovery Centre Help Me to Overcome Drug Addiction?

Our drug rehabilitation centre admits people of 18 years and older on a voluntary basis to give them an opportunity to overcome their addiction and build a life that is free form the proverbial ties that bound them in the past. We offer a versatile rehabilitation programme that caters to the entire being of the individual, including their psychological, social, and physical elements as opposed to only focussing on the addiction itself. As a result, the patient can truly comprehend the effect of their substance addiction on their life and not just be forced to commit to not consuming the substance anymore.

The programme covers 7 weeks and is split into 2 distinct phases. The first phase covers 3 weeks and focusses on the basic elements of addiction, how it controls your life, and how it can influence your decision-making ability. This phase aims to educate and empower the patient, allowing them to face and overcome their addiction for themselves. The second phase of our programme is voluntary and focusses on social reintegration, avoiding a relapse, and building a life of sober living wellness.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your answer for professional drug rehabilitation near Gauteng. For more info on our programme and premises, please browse our website or contact us directly today. Take back control of your life and overcome addiction with us on your side.

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