Drug rehabilitation in Gauteng

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Young people, with regards to teenagers and young adults, would seek approval from their immediate peers. To say ‘no’ in certain situations, can mean that they are kicked out of their peer group. In this way, many people would say or do irregular things just to get approval from their peers. Therefore, many youngsters would start to use drugs, which can lead to dangerous addictions and according behavioural disorders. Slogans like ‘YOLO’ and ‘Go big or go home!’ are used within the wrong contexts, pushing the youth in the wrong direction to succumb to dangerous behaviour. According to South African statistics, more than 7% of the population are abusing drugs, totalling an amount of 3.74 million people ending up in drug rehabilitation centres, of which most are in Gauteng.

Addicted to drugs

The youth is under the impression that drug abuse will solve their problems and make them forget about life’s issues, avoiding the inevitable confrontations to solve these issues. However, the proverbial fun can turn into a form of addiction, which can be very cruel on the mind and body of the specific person. Without even knowing it initially, the addict soon develops a consuming need for the specific drug, which changes that person’s whole life, as well as their daily routine. This forms a downward spiral that only has negative effects on the addict. However, the crucial part of the story is: The sooner the addict realises and admits that they need help, the easier that person will have the opportunity to get back to a life of sober living wellness – free of their addiction. The best way to help an addict, is to get them admitted to a drug rehabilitation centre as soon as possible.

Beethoven Recovery Centre

Our drug rehabilitation centre is close to Pretoria, and a definite option for people living in Gauteng. The option concerns our unique location, our professional services, and our effectiveness. Located just outside Pretoria, close to the Hartbeespoort dam, and in nature at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountain, one cannot ask for a better place to recover in peace and tranquillity. Our professional services are already well-known in South Africa, and are based on an integrative model, consisting of a double-phased programme stretching over seven weeks in total, and ensuring that a patient gets the best guidance and support to have the opportunity to return to a healthy lifestyle. The first phase of our drug rehabilitation programme focuses on contemplation, commitment, and action, covering 3 weeks of intensive treatment, discussions, and co-operation, complemented by a medical examination, a psychological assessment, and a psychiatric evaluation. The second phase is complete voluntary, with the focus on maintenance, reintegration, and recycling. This phase covers 4 weeks and serves as giving the patient the necessary tools to find their way back to a sober and healthy lifestyle. Although the break with addiction will always be the addict’s choice, our services will empower and inform the patient to actively make that choice and change their lives for the better.

Drug rehabilitation in Gauteng

Should you be looking for a remote centre where addicts can receive professional drug rehabilitation for people living in and around Gauteng, Beethoven Recovery Centre is ideal for you. For more information about our programmes and facilities, feel free to peruse our website to your leisure.

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