Drug rehabilitation in Gauteng

Choosing the Ideal Drug Rehabilitation Centre

Gauteng is the province in South Africa that provides the biggest selection of rehabilitation centres in the country. With a warm and inviting climate and beautiful scenery, the environment is ideal for rehabilitation and freeing the soul from the proverbial ties that bind, giving people the chance at a life of sober living wellness. Various factors come into play when looking for an ideal rehabilitation centre for either yourself or someone close to you, consisting of which rehabilitation centre would be the best for them or yourself, if the facility is remote enough to allow for breaking with the busy city life, and if it is affordable. Having an ideal environment with professional people and caretakers will always be beneficial for any rehabilitation centre, and today, we will focus on the advantages of Beethoven Recovery Centre and why our drug rehabilitation centre is a viable option for anyone struggling to break their addiction.

The advantages of Beethoven Recovery Centre

Beethoven Recovery Centre is within reach for people living in Gauteng or the North West province, being close to Pretoria and Johannesburg while still offering a remote and tranquil location. With our focus placed on offering the ideal conditions for recovery and rehabilitation, Beethoven Recovery Centre grants an enhanced experience for our patients when compared to other rehabilitation centres in the vicinity. The first step was to create an environment for the patient to make them feel at home, or even better, to make them feel like they are breaking away from their daily familiar environment. To meet these conditions, drug rehabilitation at Beethoven Recovery Centre happens in an environment of tranquillity, with the Magaliesberg mountain on the one side and the lovely Hartbeespoort dam on the other. These are the perfect spots for creating calm surroundings for the hospital environment and our patients. If the setting is not enough, the premises also offers recreational activities of its own, such as playgrounds for soccer, volleyball, and croquet, a room for table tennis and pool, a gymnasium, and a swimming pool. To make the stay for our patients even more comfortable, we offer a private residential rehabilitation unit to allow our patients to completely focus on their own recovery.

Professional care and guidance in Gauteng

With a licensed psychiatric hospital that is professionally equipped for drug rehabilitation, a world-renowned programme that can be adapted to suit every individual patient, and professional personnel to care, assist and guide each patient individually, Beethoven Recovery Centre is an excellent choice for drug rehabilitation in Gauteng. All the professionals needed for a psychiatric hospital are at the service of the patient, including psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, general practitioners, nurses, and a social worker. On arrival, the patient is welcomed and assisted in the warmest and friendliest way possible, setting their minds at ease and giving them assurance that their lives matter to us.

After the paperwork is done and a new patient is admitted, the implementation of a double-phased programme, specifically focused on their addiction, needs, and the well-being of the patient comes into play. Our drug rehabilitation programme is designed to give the patient the opportunity, knowledge, and tools to overcome their addiction, and consists of 2 phases: A 3-week compulsory phase and a 4-week voluntary phase. The first 3 weeks are designed to help the patient to understand the addiction and give them the tools and knowledge to face their inner addict. The programme is complemented by constructive discussions, a psychiatric evaluation, a psychological assessment, a medical examination, and intensive treatment where needed. Our programme’s success is completely in the hands of the patient, as they are in control of their lives and need to break their addiction from a personal standing. After the 1st phase of our programme is completed, no pressure is put on our patients to attend the 2nd phase and they are free to leave. However, the 2nd phase can help our patients to finalise their experience with us, giving them the tools to reintegrate themselves into society and the opportunity to begin a life of sober living wellness, free from the mental ties that had a negative influence on their thought process and, in turn, their lives.

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a viable opportunity for people struggling with drug addiction in Gauteng. If you want more information about our facilities or programmes, feel free to peruse our website or contact us directly with any enquiries.

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