Drug rehabilitation in Gauteng

The Essentials

When someone in South Africa needs rehabilitation, there are a few essentials to look out for. These essentials include a central place in the country and a professional hospital located within a calm environment, with professional personnel and proven programmes. Beethoven Recovery Centre realises all these expectations for you and can provide the necessary services to give you the opportunity to get back to a life of sober living wellness.

Gauteng is the place to be

According to statistics, more than a quarter of the inhabitants of South Africa live in the smallest province in this country – Gauteng. Even though this province does not border the sea, it has the largest economy in South Africa. It also boasts with some of the highest rated rehabilitation centres. The one big reason behind this, is that the best hospitals, excluding the Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, are located in Gauteng. This province also boasts with a tolerable climate, especially through the winter seasons. All these factors are essential for a successful drug rehabilitation centre, as the immediate environment allows for the necessary healing.

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers tranquillity

In Gauteng, there are many drug rehabilitation centres of which some of them are in the Pretoria-Johannesburg area. These centres are all well-equipped and very professional, which means that a potential patient will have to look at certain details to find a centre that can cater to their specific requirements. Many people who are used to the busy nature of city life are looking for some place where they can be laid-back and calm – away from the draining and demanding city environment. This is why Beethoven Recovery Centre offers peace and tranquillity, as we present a professional drug rehabilitation centre that is close to a big city but separated enough to create the calmness and kindness of nature, providing the necessary environment for potential healing and growth.

Our drug rehabilitation centre is close to Pretoria, surrounded by nature at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountain, and adjacent to the Hartbeespoort dam. Added to these positive factors, are our sport and recreation activities on our premises, where our patients have the luxuries of a gymnasium, a swimming pool, volley ball, soccer, croquet, a pool table, and table-tennis at their disposal. As a result, our patients are in an environment that is tailored to their needs and requirements, providing tranquillity, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The real thing

The real reason behind a patient coming to a drug rehabilitation centre lies with the fact that they are seeking help. Beethoven Recovery Centre presents a well-equipped and licensed psychiatric hospital, with professional services that have a good reputation in Gauteng. Here, the patient will find a well-equipped and friendly team of professional personnel, consisting of registered nurses, general practitioners, therapists and psychiatrists, counselling and clinical psychologists, as well as a social worker. We welcome our patients with open and embracing arms, giving them the peace of mind that they are in a safe and healing environment.

Our rehabilitation programmes are designed and focused to give our patients the opportunity to overcome their addiction or learn to cope with their mental disorder. It is based on an integrative model which consists of a double-phased programme. This programme stretches over a period of seven weeks and gives a patient professional guidance and support to get back to a sober and healthy lifestyle. The first part of the drug rehabilitation programme, covering a period of three weeks, guides the patient to contemplate about their addiction and give them the opportunity to commit to the rehabilitation programme. This includes intensive treatment, various discussions, a medical examination, a psychological assessment, and a psychiatric evaluation. The first part of the programme’s success and effectiveness is dependent on the cooperation of the patient. The second part of the programme covers four weeks and is completely optional, with the focus on maintenance, reintegration, and recycling – giving the patient the necessary tools to get back on the road to a healthy and socially integrated life, free from their drug addiction. Please peruse our website for more information or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose Beethoven Recovery Centre and reap the benefits of a tranquil environment for healing, comfortably close enough for everyone living in Gauteng.

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