Drug Rehabilitation Gauteng

Optimum Results from An Individualised Drug Rehabilitation Programme in Gauteng

Every year, numerous people from Gauteng attend some form of drug rehabilitation in order to recover from addiction. Drug rehabilitation usually consists of a variety of processes ??? from medical treatment to psychotherapeutic treatments and counselling. Outpatient programmes are relatively successful, but in order to get the treatment needed on a full-time basis for a period of time, it is often a much better idea to engage in a residential programme at a registered drug rehabilitation facility that specialises in rehabilitation and recovery for drug addicts and alcoholics.

Drug rehab can be a very difficult process ??? firstly, the addict has to be detoxified, and this can be dangerous on many levels. At a residential facility, the addict will be medically supervised during this process, and adequate medication may be prescribed to reduce pain or withdrawal symptoms. Going cold turkey can wreak havoc on the body, and a medically supervised withdrawal is highly recommended, especially if the drug problem has become severe, or where certain substances are used, such as heroin.

At Beethoven Recovery Centre, located in the Magaliesberg area near Gauteng, we provide a highly effective drug rehabilitation programme. Here we assist and support the addict through a process of detoxification and rehabilitation with a highly individualised programme that is aimed at the specific needs of the patient. Our programmes strive to cease substance abuse and to teach the patient new skills and tools that will help them to sustain sobriety in the short-, medium- and long-term.

Because there are many factors that usually contribute to any addiction, such as psychosocial factors, emotional disorders and physical situations such as disability, we assess each patient to determine the underlying issues and to address this along with the physical and emotional aspects of managing the addiction, and to manage life in sobriety.

Our drug rehabilitation programme consists of a variety of aspects; our highly qualified medical staff and psychiatrists can take care of the medical needs of the patient, and accredited counsellors are always on duty to conduct therapy sessions and group therapy. Treatments may include medication for depression, complemented by group and individual counselling sessions where the addict can explore new ways of communicating and also share the burden with others in the same situation.

The rehabilitation programme will typically include a residential period of 28 days, but in some cases a longer stay is required, depending on the needs of the patient. After the residential programme, we also provide post-stay support to help the patient whenever necessary. We highly encourage the attending of NA meetings in order to maintain post-rehabilitation support.

Our establishment is located in a tranquil area in the Magaliesberg, on the border between Gauteng and the North West Province. This is the perfect environment for those who want to focus solely on recovery from addiction, and the management of other psychological and emotional issues that may underlie the addiction or exacerbate it. We provide safety and comfort, modern and well-maintained facilities, and a highly trained and qualified staff with around the clock supervision.

If you are looking for a drug rehabilitation programme in the Gauteng area, give our professional team at Beethoven Recovery Centre a call today!

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