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In Too Deep

Addiction is one of the cruellest forms of dependency that we, as humans, can experience. Although addiction starts out as a simple choice regarding drugs and alcohol, it can soon become a consuming need that would drive people beyond their limits to fulfil it. Once an addiction takes over, everything starts to change in that person???s life.

Drug Addiction

In some cases, drug addiction would take control of how a person thinks and reacts ??? influencing their daily routine to a point where everything revolves around feeding their addiction. Needless to say, this downward spiral never ends well for anybody. Even though it seems like all hope is lost for these people, they are not alone. There is a drug rehabilitation centre that can help ??? Beethoven Recovery Centre.

Drug addiction can start with any form of synthetic drug that can lead to your body being dependant on certain chemicals found in these drugs. A wide assumption is that THC can be blamed for the addiction aspect, but it has been proven that THC ??? on its own ??? is not harmful or addictive in nature. Although different drugs have different side-effects, they all share one ??? addiction. If you need help breaking that addiction, Beethoven Recovery Centre is here to help you.

Our Programme

Our rehabilitation unit at Beethoven Recovery Centre focuses on guiding our patients to full recovery and sober living wellness with the use of an integrative model. This model consists of a double-phased programme that stretches over seven weeks to ensure that our patients get the required guidance and support to get them back to a healthy life. Apart from being a rehabilitation centre for drug abuse, we also focus on alcohol abuse, prescription medication abuse, and behavioural addictions.

The first phase of our rehabilitation programme is called Primary Care, and covers an intensive three weeks of contemplation, commitment, and action. Within these three weeks, our patients will undergo a medical examination by our general practitioner, a psychological assessment that includes psychometric testing, and a psychiatric evaluation, should it be required. These steps will result in formulating an individualised integrative treatment plan that is tailored specifically for the patient ??? aimed at rehabilitating and restoring a healthy lifestyle.

The second phase of our programme is called Extended Care, and focuses on maintenance, reintegration, and recycling. This phase will cover four weeks of getting the patient on the road to full recovery and sober living wellness, which can lead to breaking the chains of addiction completely. Although nobody can guarantee that any person would break their addictions completely, we can guarantee that our treatment is one of the best ways of getting our patients to a place where they can choose to have prosperous lives again.

Giving up in life, is an easy choice. Giving in to your addiction, is easy as well. Standing up and fighting your addiction, on the other hand, is probably the most difficult decision to make. You are not alone in this fight, and we can help you defeat this nemesis. Addiction is a very serious and dangerous adversary, but together, we can conquer your addiction and get you on the road to full recovery.

If you need any further information on our rehabilitation unit for drug abuse, feel free to browse our website for details on our programmes and facilities.

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