Drug Rehabilitation Centre

The Situation in South Africa

Landing a steady income in South Africa is difficult, with more than 50% of school graduates struggling to get into the working sector and securing a full-time job once they have matriculated. As a result, the unemployment rate in South Africa is at 30%, creating a void in these people’s lives that needs to be filled. Although no amount of substance abuse will cause a job to fall from the sky and into these people’s laps, they seek a sense of relief, which can be a dangerous gateway to substance addiction, and the possibility to mutate into a serious issue. Another aspect of the problem is unemployed people turning to a life of crime, which encourages substance abuse through peer pressure and can be even more dangerous with surrounding influences pushing these people over the proverbial edge in some cases.

When an addict reaches the point of no return regarding their addiction, it starts to consume their thought process, negatively influencing the way they approach life and how they choose to spend their money. For unemployed people, the longing need to feed their addiction can easily turn to a life of crime, where the addiction would convince them to get the necessary resources to fill their addiction once more. This behaviour would also influence the people in that person’s life, forcing them to act. This is where Beethoven Recovery Centre provides a viable solution for people suffering from substance addiction.

Johannesburg and Pretoria both offer active underground scenes, making it easy for the locals to obtain almost any substance and feed their addiction accordingly. Beethoven Recovery Centre is located just outside Pretoria, next to the Hartbeespoort dam and at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountains. Being registered and compatible with most medical aid schemes in South Africa, we are focused on delivering the best services to people in need of our assistance and services, especially those suffering from substance abuse. While the advantages of our remote and serene location serve as an additional beneficial factor to our drug rehabilitation centre, it is our professional services, which are already well-known in South Africa, that make our drug rehabilitation centre a viable choice for people living in Gauteng. At our centre, we implement a bio-psycho-social-educational approach, offering a world-renowned and very effective programme to allow patients to break with their addiction. This programme puts the focus on the patient, giving them the opportunity to choose to fight their addiction on their own terms, educating and equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively combat their addiction and have an opportunity at a life of sober living wellness. Therefore, the effectivity of this programme relies on how the patient will approach rehabilitation, with a positive mindset and the will to fight that will lead to a positive outcome in the end. The first phase of the programme covers 3 weeks and consists of the necessary treatment and discussions on drug dependency, motivating and equipping the patient to break with the dependency. Added to this are regular medical examinations, psychological assessments, and psychiatric evaluations to give the patient the necessary information to track their progress. The initial 3 weeks of the programme is mandatory, allowing the patient to leave once the first phase is complete, with the second phase focussing on educating and equipping the patient for social reintegration and sustaining a sober lifestyle.

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