Drug Rehabilitation

Your Answer to an Effective Drug Rehabilitation Therapy Programme

When someone brings up the topic of rehabilitation, the general consensus is that people try to avoid this subject, as it is considered embarrassing and weak from a social point of view to seek professional rehabilitation solutions. This stems from the idea that it displays weakness when admitting that you might be addicted to a specific substance or drug. Along with that, there are several misconceptions on what qualifies as an addictive drug. The bottom line is that you can become addicted to any addictive substance, no matter if it is nicotine, caffeine, or a chemically engineered substance in prescribed medication.

How Do I Know if I Am an Addict?

If you are a smoker, your body gets its share of nicotine each time you light a cigarette, and when you drink alcoholic beverages, your body deals with the alcohol in those beverages. Both cigarettes and alcoholic drinks are legal in South Africa, leading to adults who smoke/drink developing addictions without even realising it. If you want to test if you are an addict, refrain from drinking/smoking, or consuming the specific drug/substance that contains an addictive element and see how your body and mind reacts. If you are getting physical cravings, your body might have developed a substance dependency.

The Impact of Substance Dependency on My Life

Addicts are reluctant to admit that they are addicted, allowing their addiction to grow and manifest into something that starts to control their lives completely. Drug rehabilitation comes into the picture here as a valid and effective way to give someone a true shot at overcoming their addiction. It is difficult to break free from the binding ties of addiction, but possible. Therefore, we create an ideal environment at our rehabilitation centre for addicts to focus on themselves and work towards a life of sober living wellness.

Our Approach to Drug Rehabilitation

Beethoven Recovery Centre is located next to the Hartbeespoort dam, surrounded by beautiful mother nature. This creates a calm and peaceful environment that promotes self-reflection and self-healing. Our premises also feature recreational activities and a gym to keep active during your stay with us. We incorporate a versatile programme that can be tailored to the individual, delivering a wholistic approach to drug rehabilitation that will not only focus on addiction, but also include the rest of the being.

Our programme covers 7 weeks and is divided into 2 distinct phases, with the second phase focussing on social reintegration and how to avoid relapsing once you leave our care. This phase comes highly recommended to those who active chose to break free from their addiction throughout the first phase. In the end, such a decision must be made by the individual themselves, for if such a decision is forced onto them, they are more likely to relapse when they get the opportunity. We can help addicts through this journey, working towards a new life that is free from addiction for good.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice if you are looking for a professional rehabilitation centre for drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Our programme admits people of 18 years and older on a voluntary basis to ensure that our patients are willing to work towards a life of sober living wellness. Please contact us with any enquiries on how we can assist you to overcome addiction.

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