Clinical depression treatment

When Life Gets You Down

Life is a journey that needs to be enjoyed, and most of us can agree that we are happy with ourselves and how we choose to live our lives. Although we may enjoy today, tomorrow can throw us a curve ball and our lives can be changed in an instant. One of the most serious conditions we can fall into, is depression.

What is clinical depression?

Clinical depression is a mental health disorder that is characterised by an ongoing depressed mood and not being interested in any activities. This causes a significant impairment of one???s daily activities and life in general. Although this mental disorder is very serious, it is completely treatable, and is expected to resolve within months ??? returning the patient to a happier and healthier state of mind with the right treatment.

How to recognise clinical depression in someone

Medical experts say that a combination of factors pertaining to the body (biological), the mind or psyche (psychological), and the social environment in which one lives and works, causes clinical depression. When these factors work together in a negative way, they produce changes in one???s brain function, altering the activity of specific neural circuits inside the brain. This leads to depression, which becomes visible in feelings of sadness and a loss of interest in everyone and everything around the person. These people also experience or exhibit a deteriorating change in their daily behaviour, concentration, energy levels, appetite, and sleep patterns. Their self-esteem takes a big hit and they can show signs of, or talk about, committing suicide.

What is the general treatment for this condition?

The general initial treatment for this condition, is usually only medication in the form of antidepressants, and other anxiolytic or antipsychotic medicines. If that does not help, the person should get help in the form of therapy, which is usually combined with the medicine. Therapy may include behaviour therapy focusing on helping the person to modify their negative behaviour system. Second is cognitive behavioural therapy, which is a talk therapy helping the person to moderate the negative thoughts and behaviours, and to show positive emotional responses again. Third is psychotherapy, which is also a talk therapy to change behavioural disorders.

Where can I get the best clinical depression treatment?

Beethoven Recovery Centre has one of the best treatment facilities in Gauteng. Situated at the foot of the Magaliesberg Mountains and next to Hartbeespoort Dam, there is no better place that you can choose to heal.

We offer a treatment programme that caters specifically to our patients. The therapy part consists of individual consultations by psychiatrists and psychologists on a weekly basis, with two group sessions per week. Our psychiatric hospital also caters for anyone suffering from mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, and conversion disorders. Our patients have nursing and psychiatric oversight available to them at all times, to ensure that our patients feel supported and safe within their immediate environment.

At Beethoven Recovery Centre, you will get the necessary help you need, while having the scenic beauty of the mountains all around you. We are here to offer professional treatment, and can get our patients to a place of full recovery. Please browse our website for information on our programmes, and discover a friendly team and professional environment for therapy.

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