Change Your Life with Our Effective Rehab and Recovery Programme for Addicts

If addiction is ruining your life or the life of a loved one, family member, partner or child, it is absolutely crucial that the correct assistance is provided to fight and manage addiction. Addiction results in a lot of collateral damage, and it is not just the addict that suffers. Families are torn apart, jobs are lost and finances dwindle while addiction continues. If you feel that you have reached the turning point or hit rock bottom, and you are serious about making a productive change, the best thing to do is to attend a residential rehab facility.

Many people are resistant to the idea of a residential recovery establishment, but there is real peace of mind to be had in an environment where all you have to do is focus on recovery and healing. Everything else is taken care of ??? three meals are prepared for you in keeping with your dietary requirements, therapies are provided to help with some of that mental anguish you experience through addiction, a general practitioner is there to ensure that your body also heals and detoxes in a safe manner, and a lot of activities on site provide healthy entertainment and an environment that is highly conducive to healing and recovery.

At Beethoven Recovery Centre, we understand the nature of addition. We know how it can impact on all areas of your life and the lives of those around you, so we structure our rehab programme in a way that provides you with the most benefit during your recovery period. We give you the tools you need not only to recover, but also to stay recovered, and to avoid addiction pitfalls and relapses in the future. We also provide you with a safe, non-judgemental environment in which you can share feelings and ideas, and where you are able to work through pain and issues in order to emerge more enlightened and with a lighter sense of being. We help to alleviate some of that pain that addiction causes and we are genuinely interested in your recovery.

Our structured recovery programme consists of two parts: Primary care and Extended care. These parts are designed to deal with different aspects of recovery. During the three-week primary phase, we will ensure that you are detoxed safely, and that you gain some insight into your emotional and mental status through assessment and testing. Here we help you to focus on commitment, action and contemplation, as well as intensive therapy to help you heal.

The secondary or extended care phase revolves around reintegration and getting back to the real world without relapsing again. Often, many bonds are broken and friendships are lost during addition, so reintegrating can be a source of stress and concern, but this phase gives recovering addicts the tools and support to cope during this time.

Both these phases include interesting activities, such as swimming, table tennis, croquet, and other exercise to keep the body active and healthy, and we also provide music and art therapy individually and in groups.

If you have hit rock bottom and are looking for a way out of addiction, give our team a call today to find out more about our rehab programme. We will help you recover and live the life you really deserve.

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