Beethoven Recovery Centre’s Mental Healthcare Facility near Gauteng

When dealing with a treatable mental disorder as a teenager or adult, Beethoven Recovery Centre’s mental healthcare facility is your definitive solution near Gauteng! We offer a remotely located facility that caters to the specific needs of our patients – with medical personnel who are available around the clock to see to the medical needs of our patients, no matter the time of day. Our mental healthcare facility admits people of 16 years of age and older, with a complete evaluation upon admission to establish a corresponding treatment plan that suits the specific individual.

Ideal Treatment Environment

Beethoven Recovery Centre’s mental healthcare facility sits next to the Hartbeespoort dam – surrounded by beautiful mother nature as opposed to being surrounded by a concrete jungle. As a result, our patients can find peace and tranquillity in their surroundings during their stay with us. Our premises feature various outdoor activities and lush gardens to explore, along with a gym for those who want to stay active and in shape. We offer comfortable accommodation for our patients, as well as a professional chef and their brigade who prepare 3 daily meals and in-between snacks for our patients.

By removing our patients from a familiar and distracting environment, we give them the rare opportunity of putting the focus on themselves and shedding their daily worries, stresses, and anything else that can keep them from getting back to a more manageable and healthier state of mind. Treatable mental disorders impact individuals in unique manners and are handled by the individuals accordingly. Therefore, it is pivotal to see the patient as an individual during psychiatric care and treat them with a unique approach that will work for them.

Getting Back to Life

Living with depression, anxiety, or PTSD can be difficult, as these mental disorders weigh an individual down to a point where they cannot fight back or get up again. Only some individuals possess the mental strength to overcome the challenges of such disorders on their own terms. However, most of us should seek professional mental treatment. Beethoven Recovery Centre’s mental healthcare facility is perfect for people living in Gauteng and the surrounding areas.

With such an excessively high crime rate, people are susceptible to being victims of crimes when living in Gauteng. This province also has an extremely high divorce rate, along with severe job loss rates, that can all contribute to negatively impacting a person’s mental health. Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD for short, is one of the most common and detrimental disorders that could manifest after experiencing such an event in your life. Luckily, Beethoven Recovery Centre is here to help.

When you need a mental healthcare facility that offers professional psychiatric care within an ideal environment, Beethoven Recovery Centre is your answer! Feel free to browse our website for details on our premises and what you can expect from our facility and contact us directly if you have any questions on how we can assist you with psychiatric care today.

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