Rehab Therapy Programme

The Effectivity of a Rehab Therapy Programme It is very easy to doubt the effectivity of a rehab therapy programme, especially when reading reviews on various programmes and the institutions implementing these programmes. However, at Beethoven Recovery Centre, we... read more

Drug rehabilitation in Gauteng

Drug Rehabilitation at Beethoven Recovery Centre With reference to Gauteng, there are many characteristics that make this province unique within the context of South Africa. Having the biggest population of the 9 provinces, one would assume that it would also produce... read more

Psychiatric Care

Is Psychiatric Care a Viable Option? Psychiatric care is all about the treatment of mental disorders, also referred to as mental illness. A mental disorder can be defined as an abnormal medical condition that is related to an individual’s emotions or thoughts. The... read more

Alcohol Therapy Programme

Alcohol Therapy Alcohol therapy refers to the process of rehabilitating an individual that is dependent on this substance. As it is possible to become dependent on alcohol, it is also possible to break with the dependency. There are a few essential steps for the... read more

Gauteng Rehabilitation Centre

Rehabilitation Centres in Gauteng Rehabilitation Centres in Gauteng come in different forms. Some offer legal and useful rehabilitation programmes, while others operate illegally to undermine the effectiveness of rehabilitation in general. Many people have attended... read more

Drug Therapy Programme

A Potentially Effective Drug Therapy Programme Many people that have been admitted for drug abuse have not seen positive results due to a plethora of reasons. The failed attempt at drug therapy can be accounted to some of these reasons, including a lack of proper... read more
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