Rehab Centre Gauteng

A Rehab Centre for People Living in Gauteng Gauteng forms the heartbeat of this country, specifically on economic and educational levels. This province is second only to the Western Cape on medical level according to the South African Institute for Race Relations.... read more

Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabilitation Therapy Can Be the Helping Hand You Need People who suffer from substance addiction can benefit greatly from rehabilitation therapy. Substance addiction includes alcohol and drugs, as well as prescription medication addiction. Although addicts are the... read more

Recovery Centre

The Basics of a Recovery Centre Beethoven Recovery Centre offers the facilities, location, and personnel to offer professional treatment and therapy for people suffering from a mental illness or substance addiction. Our premises include a rehabilitation centre that is... read more

Psychiatric Care

Psychiatric Care for People Suffering from Mental Illness Psychiatric care entails the treatment of a mental illness, which is also called a mental disorder. Such an illness or disorder is related to an imbalance of the thoughts and emotions of a person, either on a... read more

Rehab Therapy Programme

The Effectivity of a Rehab Therapy Programme It is very easy to doubt the effectivity of a rehab therapy programme, especially when reading reviews on various programmes and the institutions implementing these programmes. However, at Beethoven Recovery Centre, we... read more

Drug rehabilitation in Gauteng

Drug Rehabilitation at Beethoven Recovery Centre With reference to Gauteng, there are many characteristics that make this province unique within the context of South Africa. Having the biggest population of the 9 provinces, one would assume that it would also produce... read more