An Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre near Gauteng

Are you in need of a professional alcohol rehabilitation centre in or near Gauteng? Beethoven Recovery Centre is your solution! We offer a remotely located rehabilitation centre that can assist people to overcome their addiction for good. By removing our patients from a familiar environment and putting them in a peaceful and tranquil setting, they get to reflect on their lives and identify the negative impact that their addiction has on their lives. Today, we will discuss our approach to alcohol rehabilitation for people living in and around Gauteng.

Taking the First Step is Usually the Hardest

The first step to overcome any kind of addiction is to admit that you have a problem. This is probably the most difficult step in the process, as alcohol addicts are reluctant to get to such a point where they admit that they are addicts. Most South Africans believe that alcohol consumption is a competitive sport and brag about their ability to hold their liquor. The problem is that most people are unaware that they might have already become addicted to alcohol and its unmistakable grip that their addiction has on their lives.

Our approach to alcohol rehabilitation in Gauteng begins with admitting that you have a problem and would like to seek professional help to overcome your addiction. Our rehab centre admits people of 18 years and older to our rehabilitation programme – strictly on a voluntary basis to ensure that the person is willing to commit to overcoming their addiction for good. Once admitted, we tailor our rehabilitation programme to meet your individual needs – with a complete evaluation and a versatile programme that considers every element of your being.

The Unique Nature of Our Alcohol Rehabilitation Programme

Our alcohol rehabilitation programme is split into 2 distinct phases. The first phase empowers and educates patients on the dangers of alcohol addiction and shines some light on areas of their lives that are directly influenced by addiction. People struggle to admit that their priorities and decision-making skills are severely impacted by alcohol addiction, especially within a social setting. Most people think that their social peers would think that they are weak when admitting that they might be addicted to alcohol and require rehabilitation. However, it takes a strong-minded individual to admit that they might need rehabilitation to overcome their addiction and forge a new path of soer living wellness in their lives.

The second phase of our alcohol rehabilitation programme is completely voluntary and comes highly recommended for those who completed the first phase. This phase of the programme puts the focus on social reintegration and maintaining sobriety – equipping our patients to maintain a new lifestyle that is free from the proverbial ties that bind. This phase will educate and equip our patients to continue with their lives without the crutch of alcohol addiction that wears them down and negatively impacts their lives.

No Such Thing as a Functioning Alcoholic

Some people refer to themselves as being functioning alcoholics. In other words, they admit that they are addicted to alcohol, but play down the fact that alcohol has an influence in their lives. This type of behaviour classifies as dismissive – living in denial about the impact that addiction has on their mental state and daily routines. Cravings play a large role in an alcoholic’s life, making them disrupt their usual daily routine to find an excuse to start drinking as soon as possible. Whether it is during work hours or over a weekend, alcoholics would start drinking the moment they are presented with the opportunity to consume alcohol.

Beethoven Recovery Centre does not believe in shaming people out of their addiction. We are here to provide a professional service for those who truly seek alcohol rehabilitation in Gauteng. Our rehab centre is located just a short drive outside Pretoria – next to the Hartbeespoort dam – to remove our patients from a bustling city environment. Our surroundings encourage our patients to reflect on their lives and truly have the time for themselves to do so – free from daily distractions that scream for their attention during a regular day.

When you need an alcohol rehabilitation centre in Gauteng that put your first and caters to your specific needs, Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice! Feel free to browse our website for details on how we can assist you to overcome alcohol addiction for good and forge a new path in your life.

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