Alcohol Therapy Programme

Alcohol and COVID-19

During lockdown in South Africa, the sale of alcohol is not allowed under stage-4 and stage-5 regulations. There have been several cases of people homebrewing their own alcohol as a result of these regulations, with some cases having devastating results. During this time of lockdown, some people are trying to find a way around the implemented regulations. Many people are discovering just how dependent they have become on alcoholic beverages, which should raise some concerns regarding addiction. Luckily, if you need an alcohol therapy programme during the lockdown in Gauteng, we can be of service.

Beethoven Recovery Centre Offers a Viable Alcohol Therapy Programme

We admit people of 18 years and older to our alcohol therapy programme. We only admit willing people, and do not support or allow anyone being admitted against their will. Our programme utilises a bio-psycho-social-educational and spiritual approach. Therefore, it delivers a wholistic approach to being addicted, no matter the substance that you are addicted to. It can also be adapted to suit the needs of each individual, catering for the being of a person as opposed to their condition or current situation. As a result, our programme will deliver the platform for people who want to fight their addiction effectively.

Our alcohol therapy programme consists of 2 parts, with the initial 3-week section being compulsory and the following 4 weeks voluntary. Facing addiction is an uphill battle for anyone who wants to break with their specific addiction. Consuming alcoholic beverages is a social activity that easily turns into a habitual addiction. Once drinking becomes a habit, it can quickly turn into a physical addiction, where your body becomes dependent on the substance. If you wish to break such an addiction, it is in your hands to make that initial choice. Our programme is designed to give you the proverbial tools and knowledge to rid yourself of such an addiction.

Making a Choice

The first step towards a life of sober living wellness is to admit that you are an addict. Being an addict is not an excuse for anything or a reason to be ashamed of yourself. However, being addicted to a substance such as alcohol will drastically influence your life choices and behaviour, especially when intoxicated. Making a choice to fight such an addiction is in your hands. If someone forces you into an alcohol therapy programme, you are likely to relapse. Therefore, we encourage our patients to make such a choice for themselves and nobody else. By doing it on your own terms, you are more likely to succeed in overcoming your addiction, finding a way to a sober lifestyle that is free of the proverbial ties that bind.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice if you want to attend an alcohol therapy programme that caters to your specific needs. We offer comfortable accommodation and a remote location that is surrounded by beautiful nature to put you in the ideal environment for self-healing and reflection. For more info on how we can assist you through the COVID-19 lockdown, please browse our website or contact us directly.

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