Alcohol Therapy Programme

Alcohol Therapy

Alcohol therapy refers to the process of rehabilitating an individual that is dependent on this substance. As it is possible to become dependent on alcohol, it is also possible to break with the dependency. There are a few essential steps for the addict that should be followed to turn this process into a success narrative. The first step is to admit that they are dependent. The second step is to agree to be admitted for an alcohol therapy programme. The third step is to complete the programme, which will give the individual the opportunity to completely break with their dependency. Once they have made a choice to be free of alcohol’s grasp, they can start working towards a sober life once again.

Alcohol therapy is an active decision made by the affected individual to walk away from alcohol. Instrumental in the process is the addict’s friends and family who should assist them, no matter what. They can help to persuade the individual to be admitted for alcohol therapy as well. The recovery centre and its personnel where the addict is admitted, will also play a pivotal role. The implemented alcohol therapy programme is also contingent on the outcome of the rehabilitation. However, the final decision will always be in the hands of the individual.

A Tried and Tested Alcohol Therapy Programme

Any addict needs a world-renowned and excellent programme to empower them to break away from alcohol. They also need the will to fight their addiction, as well as professional assistance from medical staff throughout their rehabilitation. Beethoven Recovery Centre has one of the best alcohol therapy programmes in the world at its disposal. This programme gives the addict a clear vision of how to combat their addiction and completely break free from it. The main characteristic of this programme is its comprehensive approach in covering every aspect of the individual – biological, psychological, and social. It is focused on the individual in a unique way. A medical professional evaluates every new patient. We admit patients of 18 years and older to our alcohol therapy programme.

This programme covers 7 weeks in total. The first phase of the programme educates the patient on their specific situation and addiction. As a result, the patient will have the knowledge and tools to see the bad influence of their addiction on themselves and the people around them. This can lead to the patient making an active decision on breaking with their alcohol addiction. The second phase is voluntary and puts the focus on social reintegration. The only way any alcohol therapy programme will ever be successful is when the patient chooses to break with their addiction on their own terms. Our programme is optimised to empower and equip addicts to actively break with their addiction on their own terms.

Full patient cooperation is not something that will ever be a viable method of breaking with an addiction. No matter how strong or successful the programme, the patient controls their own life. They can choose to walk out after 3 weeks, after fully cooperating with the programme, only to fall back into the clutches of alcohol once more. Therefore, our programme focuses on empowering the individual to make the right decision for themselves. Rather than focussing on complete cooperation, this programme focuses on bringing a mind shift to the individual by educating and empowering them to overcome their own weaknesses. Simple cooperation is not merely enough, as the patient needs to make an active choice that is inspired by themselves to truly break with any addiction.

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a comprehensive approach to recovery. Our alcohol therapy programme forms part of our complete approach. We are situated in a remote location that removes the individual from the demanding city life. The surroundings promote a tranquil and peaceful environment that promotes self-reflection. If you wish to enquire about anything, please peruse our website to your leisure. You can also contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose Beethoven Recovery Centre today for an opportunity at a life of sober living wellness for yourself or any loved one that is under the influence of alcohol addiction. Let our programme and our facility be the shining light at the end of a dark tunnel.

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