Alcohol Therapy Programme

Alcohol Therapy Programme

If you need a world-renowned alcohol therapy programme urgently, you need not look any further. The website of Beethoven Recovery Centre will inform you in detail about our programme and everything that goes with it. First, to be admitted to our rehab centre, the patient must be 18 years or older. Second, it is advised that the patient should ensure that their medical scheme will pay for their rehab. Beethoven Recovery Centre forms part of the National Hospital Network in South Africa and complies with all the rules and regulations of the regulatory authorities. Most of the medical schemes are accepted by us. Please look at the list on our website or contact us to ensure that your medical scheme will pay for the rehab.

Our internationally accepted alcohol therapy programme forms part of a bio-psycho-social-educational approach that is focused on the individual. This is a holistic approach to a patient, taking their biological, psychological, and social factors into consideration in order to reach the best results with the treatment. As these elements will vary from patient to patient, it is very important for the patient to be as transparent as possible, as this will help with the healing and recovery process. This programme does not only focus on the physical well-being of the patient, but also on the mental and spiritual side, adding elements that the patient mostly does not even consider.

In many instances, patients go for rehab just to set their friends’ or family’s mind at ease. That is a waste of good time for both the patient and the centre. At our centre, we assure that the patient is focussed on getting the help they need. However, the outcome of the rehabilitation process is completely in the hands of the patient. Our programme equips and educates, empowering our patients to take the reigns and control their immediate future. The choice of which path to follow will always be in their control.

The Alcohol Therapy Programme

The full details of our programme appear on our website. This is a 7-week programme, split up in 2 parts, of which the second part is voluntary. The first part comprises 3 weeks of intensive rehab therapy to help the patient come to terms with their alcohol addiction and understand the road ahead. Our medical professionals are equipped to assist the patient to reach a point of recovery. During the first week of our alcohol therapy programme, the patient is introduced to a better understanding of the addiction as well as the negative effects that it has on the body. With this knowledge, the patient is motivated and assisted to turn their back on their addiction and start making a positive change in their live. The second week is a very intensive week in which the patient is guided, motivated, and assisted on a constant level. The third week supplies the patient with all the necessary tools of empowerment to stand up and face life again – hopefully in a healthier state. Once again, the outcome is completely reliant on the patient’s determination and choices.

The first phase of the 7-week alcohol therapy programme also helps the patient to reach a high level of self-realisation. This can also determine whether the patient will stay on for the second phase of the programme. If the patient feels strong enough to leave, it is accepted, although the last 4 weeks contain a lot of information and empowerment needed to live life to its fullest again. Therefore, the patient is advised to do these 4 weeks for their own sake.

If you need more information, please peruse the website, and read about all the additional extras offered by Beethoven Recovery Centre. Our premises provide an ideal location for healing and self-reflection. As a result, our patients are more at ease and can focus on themselves, away from the everyday rat race and city life. We are located next to the Hartbeespoort dam, at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountains. Our location is optimal for people living in and around the Gauteng province, and remote enough to be pulled from the concrete jungle.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is a rehabilitation centre that puts the focus on the individual. Our implemented programmes are designed to adapt to the requirements of every individual. Therefore, our patients are given back the power over their own life to get back to a healthy lifestyle, free from addiction.

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