Alcohol Therapy Programme

Alcohol Dependency

It is socially acceptable to consume alcoholic beverages on occasion, whether it is a meal, a celebration, or just a simple night out after a long day’s work. Drinking alcohol can easily turn into a social habit, which nobody would give any thought into the possibility that this habit can further develop into a dreadful addiction for specific people, consuming their lifestyle and affecting the people around them. As a result, an alcoholic would make financial and life decisions that are influenced by their addiction, straying away from a healthy lifestyle, and focussing on feeding their addiction instead. Although most alcoholics would deny their addiction, it would still influence their behaviour and further progress their addiction, leading them down the proverbial rabbit hole to dark places and potential danger.

A Viable Solution to the Problem

Regularly, alcoholics would be admitted for substance abuse and drug addiction, only to come out on the other side without any progress being made and relapsing the moment temptation presents itself. For these people, rehabilitation did not have any effect, as they will attest to that specific alcohol therapy programme not working out for them. In the end, it is the individual that must break with their addiction, making a choice for the better within their personal life. No amount of therapy will assist an alcoholic in breaking their addiction without the alcoholic coming to the point of self-realisation that they have a substance abuse problem and would need to break with it. This is where our alcohol therapy programme can bring a positive difference to people addicted to the only socially acceptable drug in modern society – alcohol.

Beethoven Recovery Centre’s Alcohol Therapy Programme

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a challenging alcohol therapy programme that focusses on the individual and adapts to their specific needs. Instead of educating the individual on their own mistakes, our programme educates the individual on the dangers of substance abuse and the potential threats it poses to their life and the people they care for. The programme being used is based on the bio-psycho-social-educational and spiritual approach, specifically adapted for each patient, creating a positive opportunity for the patient to make a change. The duration of the alcohol therapy programme is 7 weeks, of which the initial 3 weeks are compulsory and the remaining 4 weeks are voluntary but comes highly recommended to every patient. This programme is completely focused on the patient as an individual suffering from substance abuse, granting them the perspective and the opportunity of self-healing through self-reflection to completely realise the impact that their alcohol addiction has on their lives. With our team of professionals empowering and educating our patients within a serene environment filled with natural beauty and optimised for healing, our alcohol therapy programme provides the opportunity for every patient to make an informed choice to actively break with their alcohol addiction, and find a way to a life of sober living wellness, free of the ties that bind.

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers viable solutions to people suffering from alcohol addiction. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details on our programmes and images of our facilities, or contact us directly with any further enquiries.

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