Alcohol Therapy Programme

An Ideal Alcohol Therapy Programme

It is a revelation when you realise that you are addicted to alcohol. This does not happen overnight, as it takes time before you will admit that there is a problem. This is only an initial step in the right direction. The next step is to take the life-changing decision to break with your addiction. However, it will take a committed state of mind to break free of the socially accepted drug that is alcohol and rid yourself of the tying binds it has on you. Alcohol rehabilitation is cast in a bad light due to the number of people relapsing afterwards, which can be accredited to various aspects such as an ill-equipped rehabilitation centre, an insufficient alcohol therapy programme, or a lack of commitment from the patient.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is a registered rehabilitation centre for people who are 18 years and older, forming part of the National Hospital Network in South Africa and complying with all the rules and regulations of the regulatory authorities. Our alcohol therapy programme utilises an integrative model, with an adaptable bio-psycho-social-educational approach to suit every patient’s unique needs. Biological, psychological, and social factors would usually be the cause of any form of addiction, with our programme focussing on these elements. For each patient, the combination and interaction of these factors will be unique. Our alcohol therapy programme addresses our patients’ physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. To break with the addiction, the programme will address these factors to convert the process of addiction to a process of healing. The commitment of the patient in our alcohol therapy programme is of utmost importance, as it will determine whether the patient is willing to make an active decision to break with their alcohol addiction and take control of their lives once more.

Our alcohol therapy programme covers 7 weeks of intense therapy, featuring group and individual sessions, feedback, and guidance. The initial part of the programme spans over 3 weeks and focuses on empowering the patient to stand up against the addiction and break with it on their own terms. The 1st week acts as an introduction to inform the patient about the negative effects of alcohol on the body and mind. During the 2nd week, the patient is guided and motivated to fight their addiction and make an active decision to break with it. In the last week of this initial part of our alcohol therapy programme, the patient is assisted and guided to reach a point of self-healing. After these 3 weeks, the patient should be well-equipped to leave the centre and commit themselves to a life of sober living wellness. However, if by any means possible, the patient is recommended to do the 2nd part of the programme as well, covering 4 weeks with the focus on positive reintegration into a healthy lifestyle and sustaining an addiction-free future. These 4 weeks will empower a committed patient to take control and make viable decisions in life, taking care of all the pitfalls that life presents daily.

For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details on our premises and alcohol therapy programme, or contact us directly with further enquiries.

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