Alcohol Rehabilitation

Your Answer to Alcohol Rehabilitation

Substance addiction is one of the most common forms of addiction in South Africa, whether people are addicted to alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, or any other addictive substance. The problem with this type of addiction is that people rarely notice that they have become an addict and would be adamant about the notion that they can stop whenever they want to, without realising that they have become completely dependent. If you are looking for a rehabilitation centre that can give you a real shot at overcoming addiction, Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice.

How Do I Become an Addict?

Beverages such as coffee and alcoholic drinks are very common, socially accepted, and in a way, expected to be consumed by everyone. Although there is nothing wrong with having a few drinks with friends, the problem starts when overdoing it and getting used to overdoing it. Alcohol addiction can and will influence your life to a point where your decisions will revolve around when and where you can have your next drink, although it starts with subtle and small steps. With our programme, you can take back control of your life and build a new path towards sober living wellness.

What Makes Beethoven Recovery Centre’s Programme So Effective?

We employ a world-renowned programme that covers the entire being of an individual as opposed to only focussing on the negative side, which would relate to their addiction. To truly overcome addiction, the individual must make that decision for themselves, on their own terms. Our programme offers guidance, knowledge, and empowerment to our patients, giving them what they need to find a way to overcome their addiction for good. The programme is versatile and can be adapted to suit each individual’s needs.

We only admit people who are willing to break with their addiction to our rehabilitation programme, aged 18 or older. The programme stretches over 7 weeks and is split into 2 distinct phases. The first phase covers the first 3 weeks in our care, focussing on educating the patient about the dangers of addiction and how it influences their life without them even noticing it. This phase also empowers the patient on how they can overcome their addiction for good, instead of relapsing once they leave our care. The second part of the programme is voluntary and comes highly recommended, spreading over 4 weeks, and focussing on building a life that is free of addiction.

Our Premises

Beethoven Recovery Centre is located just outside Pretoria, next to the Hartbeespoort dam and Magaliesberg mountains. Our surroundings remove our patients from the busy city hustle, letting them enjoy peace and quiet to help them focus on themselves and their journey forward. Our premises feature extramural activities to provide entertainment and relaxation for our patients. We also have a gym to keep in shape during your stay with us. Therefore, you can take the time to get back to yourself and find a way to overcome your addiction with us on your side.

When you are looking for a helping hand to overcome alcohol addiction, Beethoven Recovery Centre’s rehabilitation programme can give you the opportunity to achieve a life of sober living wellness. Please browse our website for details on our programme or contact us directly with any enquiries.

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