Alcohol Rehabilitation in Gauteng

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

When it comes to substance abuse, many forms of substances can be considered as having positive and negative effects on the human body. A prime example comes from alcohol, as a wide range of medicines use ethanol as an active ingredient to speed up the body’s healing process or physical resistances. The negative aspect surrounding alcohol comes from social interactions where people feel the need to consume too much alcoholic beverages for various reasons. This leads us to the ugly part of substance abuse, where an addiction is born out of necessity to consume certain substances frequently and in high volumes to sustain that person’s addictive nature.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres in Gauteng

Gauteng may occupy a very small part of South Africa, but it is the busiest part of the country, containing almost 13 million people, which is close to a quarter of all the people living in this part of Africa. Gauteng also boasts with the most alcohol rehabilitation centres in the country, with more than 20 centres in and around the Pretoria-Johannesburg area alone. With such a wide variety of alcohol rehabilitation centres in Gauteng, the question becomes clear: Where should I go when facing a similar problem? Usually, finding the ideal alcohol rehabilitation centre for yourself or someone close to you, would require to know them and their specific needs, except if there is a centre that offers an environment and treatment programme that will not only allow for self-healing and reflection within a stunning aesthetically pleasing setting, but also the remote location to break away from the busy city life and focus inwards instead of being distracted by the concrete jungle.

Beethoven Recovery Centre

Situated close to Pretoria and ideal for anyone living in the Gauteng and North-West provinces, Beethoven Recovery Centre features a licenced rehabilitation centre and is also a proud member of the National Hospital Network in South Africa. Our premises are located within walking distance of the Hartbeespoort dam and at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountains, granting an ideal environment for rehabilitation and self-reflection. The rehabilitation centre also creates a welcoming atmosphere by offering beautiful aesthetic value and a welcoming atmosphere. Our team of professionals ensures that the patient feels comfortable and relaxed in our care, with our premises offering a range of recreational activities like volley ball, croquet, cricket, a swimming pool, and big gardens to explore on a leisurely walk, making our rehabilitation centre a viable option for people living in Gauteng to break away from the busy city life.

Our Programme

Our alcohol rehabilitation programme consists of 2 distinct parts, with the first leg focusing on the education and empowerment of our patients to get them off to an ideal start. For the initial couple of weeks, this programme will focus on allowing the patient to get to grips with their addiction and see the negative effects it has on their lives, giving them the proverbial tools they need to overcome their addiction. The second part of the programme is completely voluntary and places the focus on finding a way to a life of sober living wellness, free of their addiction and able to live their lives to the fullest. For more information, feel free to contact us today with any enquiries.

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