Alcohol Rehabilitation for People in Gauteng

Are you struggling with alcohol addiction and want to break free from it for good? Beethoven Recovery Centre is your solution near Gauteng! Our rehab centre is located next to the Hartbeespoort dam – just a short drive from Pretoria – and can be your definitive answer to break the habit and take back control of your life. By offering a remote location, you have the opportunity to focus on your wellbeing, free from daily distractions that could impede your path to recovery.

Alcohol is the Problem

Since alcoholic beverages are sold publicly and legally, most people convince themselves that there is no problem with regularly consuming such beverages. In many respects, South Africans brag about their ability to hold their liquor, especially in a social setting. However, they fail to realise the dangers of consuming alcoholic beverages and how it can completely consume a person’s life without them even noticing it. Alcohol is one of the easiest addictive substances to develop a physical dependence on, especially when regularly consuming alcohol.

Early Signs of Alcohol Addiction

As mentioned before, most alcoholics live in peaceful ignorance about the fact that they are addicts. One of the most common signs of alcohol addiction is to consume alcoholic beverages at any given opportunity – no matter the time of day or the person’s responsibilities. Alcoholics are also prone to keep drinking and not stop after 1 or 2 drinks. When confronted with the idea that they might be an alcoholic, they tend to deny it and would rather boast about their ability to “hold” their liquor. Luckily, Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a comprehensive solution to alcohol rehabilitation in Gauteng.

Our Alcohol Rehabilitation Programme

At Beethoven Recovery Centre, we admit people of 18 years and older to our alcohol rehabilitation treatment programme, strictly on a voluntary basis to ensure that the person is committed to overcome their addiction for good. Our alcohol rehabilitation programme covers every element of the human being and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of the individual. Therefore, they have the best possible chance of overcoming their addiction and forging a new path that leads to sober living wellness.

The first phase of our alcohol rehabilitation programme gives our patients the knowledge and tools to identify areas in their life where alcoholism had a negative impact and still has a tight grip on their life. During this phase, we encourage our patients to come to a conclusive decision about their addiction, as they must face their addiction and overcome it on their own terms. Otherwise, relapsing is almost guaranteed. To avoid relapsing, we put the focus purely on our patients and accommodating their needs – giving them an ideal environment for self-reflection and facing their addiction.

The second phase of our alcohol rehabilitation programme is voluntary and highly recommended for everyone who completes the first phase. During the second phase, the focus shifts to social reintegration and maintaining a sober lifestyle. This can pose a true challenge for people who surround themselves with peers who love drinking. With a tranquil and welcoming environment, we want our patients to feel at peace during their alcohol rehabilitation programme and have a real opportunity to focus on themselves and find a way to overcome their addiction with our assistance.

A Lifestyle of Sober Living Wellness

Maintaining a sober lifestyle can be challenging for a variety of reasons. Peer pressure still exists today, and many people fall victim to it, even if it is subconsciously. Since excessive drinking is considered a “sport” by many in Gauteng, the biggest challenge is to break from such a lifestyle and find a new path that fits your sober lifestyle. Sober living wellness refers to the ability to live your life to the fullest – without alcoholism or any other forms of addiction holding you down.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice when you need professional alcohol rehabilitation in Gauteng! Feel free to browse our website for details on our programme and premises, and contact us directly today if you have any enquiries. When you want to break the habit of alcoholism and take back control of your life, choose Beethoven Recovery Centre for a real shot in 2023!

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