Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre

How to Choose the Right Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre

If you have admitted to yourself that you have an addiction to alcohol or drugs, you have already overcome one of the biggest obstacles, and now all that remains is to find an alcohol rehabilitation centre. It is an immensely important step to admit that to there is a problem, and taking it to the next level by getting treatment is a vital step to your recovery.

The next step is to decide whether you would prefer an outpatient programme or a residential programme. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that a residential programme is more beneficial and has better success rates, as the residential programmes provide the addict with an environment that is completely focused on healing and recovery, while an outpatient programme could expose them to the everyday stressors that may not contribute to effective healing.

The most important thing is to find an alcohol rehabilitation centre that is able to provide the necessary motivation for the person to stay in the programme, and when someone is removed from their everyday environments, they are also removed from the general triggers that drive them to alcohol abuse. It is therefore important that the addict is completely committed to recovery and following the programme even after the initial period of therapy.

An alcohol rehabilitation centre that provides a residential programme will provide the addict with an opportunity to ???get away from it all??? for a while, and to work towards recovery. It is important that the environment feels safe and comfortable, and treatment centres that help the addict to recover through a planned therapy and treatment programme, including the 12-step programme, tend to have good success rates.

Budget and financial resources could be a factor to consider, but where it is possible to make use of a medical aid, there are a lot of rehabilitation centres that contract out to these medical aids and make it possible for patients to attend a residential programme. Finding an alcohol rehabilitation centre that caters to the needs of patients is a lot easier when the patient has access to a medical aid, as residential programmes usually require a stay of 28 days or more, and all the therapy, dietary requirements and accommodation that are included in the programme can be quite expensive.

Once you have decided to take part in a residential programme, it is time to look at the facilities and therapy centres, and to ask some pertinent questions, such as:

  • How does the treatment programme work?
  • Which qualifications do the staff members have ??? will you have access to a psychiatrist, counsellors and medical staff that are fully qualified to deal with drug and alcohol treatment programmes?
  • Will medical support be available during withdrawal or detoxification, and will medication be provided to deal with pain?
  • How long is the residential programme and which services are included?
  • Will friends and family be included in the programme, and are they allowed to visit?
  • Is the facility contracted to a medical aid?
  • Is physical activity included in the programme?
  • What types of counselling is provided ??? e.g. individual counselling and group counselling?
  • How will the re-integration be managed after the completion of the programme, and is support provided?

If you are looking for an alcohol rehabilitation centre for yourself or a loved one, these pointers should make the choice easier. If in doubt, speak to our team at Beethoven Recovery Centre for some really useful advice about our residential programmes. Call us today!

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