Alcohol Rehabilitation

A Professional Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre near Gauteng

Alcoholic beverages are socially accepted as the norm in South Africa – with the majority of adults consuming such beverages at social gatherings. For some, it is an achievement to be able to hold their liquor, not realising that they might develop a physical addiction to alcohol in the process. In most cases, alcohol addiction can manifest itself without the person even being aware that they are addicted. At Beethoven Recovery Centre, we offer a comprehensive approach to alcohol rehabilitation to give our patients a true shot to overcome their addiction for good.

Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

People who are addicted to alcohol will show clear symptoms that are easily identifiable and self-diagnosable. They are likely to start the day off with a drink, consume alcoholic beverages at any given occasion or trivial reason, or feel an overwhelming amount of guilt and/or loneliness because of their inability to show restraint when it comes to alcohol consumption. They are also likely to showcase some behavioural traits when confronted with their drinking problem, jumping to aggressive and compulsive behaviour at a moment’s notice.

On an emotional level, people who are addicted to alcohol will show signs of anxiety and general discontent. On the other side, they may also experience euphoria when under the influence of alcohol, along with guilt or loneliness. On a psychological level, they are likely to experience delirium or fear, pointing to a larger problem – addiction. When an addict does not consume the substance that they are addicted to, they will show withdrawal signs that point to physical substance addiction. Thankfully, there is always hope, and addiction can be overcome with the accommodating treatment and care.

Kicking Addiction to the Kerb

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a wholistic approach to alcohol rehabilitation. We are located just outside Pretoria, surrounded by mother nature to create a peaceful environment that promotes self-healing and -reflection. Our premises feature recreational activities and a gym to keep active during your stay. We also offer medical personnel who are available around the clock to be there for our patients whenever they need medical assistance.

Our alcohol rehabilitation centre admits people of 18 years and older to our programme – strictly on a voluntary basis to ensure that the patient is willing to overcome their addiction. Our programme offers a wholistic approach that includes every aspect of the being and not just emphasising the addiction on its own. It is split into 2 parts, of which the 2nd part is completely voluntary and highly recommended for those who made the conscious decision to beat their addiction for good. This part empowers the patient to find a way to sober living wellness and how to reintegrate into their social circles while being free from addiction and keeping clean.

If you want to overcome alcohol addiction, Beethoven Recovery Centre is your first choice. Please browse our website for details on our programme and facilities and feel free to contact us with any enquiries. Be free of alcohol addiction and receive professional rehabilitation solutions with us on your side.

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