Alcohol Rehabilitation

Forge a Path to Sober Living Wellness

Addiction is considered a biopsychosocial disorder and is one of the most common disorders among South African teens and adults. The majority of people suffering from addiction will deny that they are addicted a specific substance, whether it is caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol, insisting that they can stop whenever they want to. Unfortunately, it is very rare that someone can overcome addiction on their own and would usually result in a drastic relapse. Luckily, Beethoven Recovery Centre offers an alcohol rehabilitation programme that will give you the means to truly overcome addiction and forge a path to sober living wellness.

Being an Addict

Some people pride themselves in the manner they consume alcohol and how their body can “handle” the intoxication. Some even claim to be “functioning” alcoholics. In the end, the majority of these people have already developed a physical and mental dependency to alcohol without even recognising the negative effects that such an addiction has on their lives. Alcohol addiction will directly influence your daily decisions and what you prioritise in terms of spending money on. With professional rehabilitation, you can overcome alcohol addiction for good and live a life that is free from the ties of addiction.

Our Alcohol Rehabilitation Programme

At Beethoven Recovery Centre, we understand the severity of alcohol addiction and that this type of addiction is more than just a physical dependency. We admit people of 18 years and older at our rehabilitation centre, strictly on a voluntary basis to ensure that they are committed to overcome their addiction. Our programme offers a wholistic approach that considers the entire being of the individual as opposed to only putting the focus on a bad behavioural/social pattern. This ensures that our patients have a true shot at overcoming their alcohol addiction and forge a new path in life when they leave our care.

Our Programme

Our programme is adaptable to suit the needs of each individual patient. It is divided into 2 distinct parts, with the second part of the programme being completely voluntary. The first part educates the patient on the influence and dangers of addiction, and how addiction can take over complete control of your life. This enables the patient to see addiction for what it truly is and motivates them to face and overcome their addiction for good. In the end, the patient should commit themselves to overcome their addiction on their own terms as well, ready to work towards breaking free from it.

The second part of our programme puts the emphasis on social reintegration and how to rebuild your life without the influence of alcohol addiction. This part comes highly recommended as it rounds off our rehabilitation programme and serves as a guide on how to live a life of sober living wellness avoiding any relapses.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your answer to a remotely located alcohol rehabilitation centre near Gauteng. Our comprehensive approach to rehabilitation will give you a true shot at overcoming alcohol addiction and build a new life for yourself when you leave our care. Please contact us today if you have any enquiries on our rehabilitation programme and facilities.

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