Alcohol Rehabilitation

Alcohol Rehabilitation Therapy near Gauteng

Alcohol is an addictive substance, one of many addictive substances that are legal to consume and rarely monitored in terms of quantity sold and/or consumed. Caffeine and nicotine are in a similar category, making these substances some of the most common legal addictive substances in the world. If you are struggling with substance addiction and want to seek professional rehabilitation therapy, Beethoven Recovery Centre can be the light at the end of the tunnel that is your addiction and the grip it has on your life.

Facing Alcohol Addiction Head-On

In most cases, people who develop alcohol addiction do not recognise the signs of addiction and will immediately deny that hey have a problem. This is not only coming from an arrogant or self-centred point of view, but also from the fact that most addicts are not aware that their bodies have become dependent on this specific substance. Substance dependency will influence your decision-making abilities as an adult, leading to prioritising the substance above important things in your life. Although it seems like you have control of over your addiction, it will continue to influence your life moving forward.

Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a solution for people who want to face their alcohol addiction head-on. In the end, it will come down to the addict to make an active choice to break with their addiction for good. Otherwise, their chances of relapse will only increase over time. Therefore, we have a unique approach to alcohol rehabilitation, one that focusses on the entire being of a person instead only hammering on the addiction itself.

Our Alcohol Rehabilitation Programme

Our rehabilitation centre admits people of 18 years and older to our care, solely on a voluntary basis. The programme covers 7 weeks and is split into 2 distinct phases, with the second phase being completely voluntary but highly recommended for those who truly want to change their lives and find a way to sober living wellness. The first phase emphasises the dangers of addiction and the impact it has on a person’s entire life to create awareness, educate, and empower our patients to face their addiction and find a way to truly overcome it. The second phase handles on social reintegration and building a life that is free of addiction.

Our Premises

We are located next to the Hartbeespoort dam, surrounded by beautiful nature, and removed from the busy city hustle. As a result, our patients enjoy a peaceful environment that is free of annoying distractions – where they can find solace and focus on themselves. Our premises feature recreational outdoor activities and a gym. We also have a professional chef that prepares 3 daily meals and snacks in-between the meals. Everything is taken care of at our rehabilitation centre, ensuring that our patients are calm and treated with respect during their stay with us.

Alcohol addiction can be very challenging to face and overcome. With Beethoven Recovery Centre, you have the opportunity to turn your life around and forge a new path for your life – one of sober living wellness that is free from addiction. Please browse our website for details on our rehabilitation programme and feel free to contact us with any questions on how we can help you overcome addiction for good.

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