Alcohol Rehabilitation

A Recovery Centre with a Solid Alcohol Rehabilitation Programme

Alcohol abuse is one of the most common forms of substance abuse in Gauteng, invariably leading to substance dependency without the person even recognising that they have become an addict. Since it is socially acceptable, and in some ways expected, to have a couple of drinks when hanging out with friends, this type of addiction is a direct result of social behavioural patterns, especially when overindulging in alcoholic beverages. Luckily, Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a solid alcohol rehabilitation programme to assist substance-dependent people.

How Do I Know I am an Addict?

People would joke about having cravings for something, while real addicts experience such cravings to a point where their cravings can negatively influence their decision-making ability and upset their daily routine. If you think that you are an addict, you can put it to the test by not drinking any alcoholic beverages for a while and seeing how your body reacts. It is not shameful to admit that you are addicted to a specific substance. If you want a shot at truly overcoming your addiction, our alcohol rehabilitation programme can give you the means to forge a life of sober living wellness.

Our Programme

Most rehabilitation centres will approach an addict as an addict and not really as an individual. Our programme has a wholistic approach to the entire being as opposed to only putting the focus on the addiction. Therefore, our patients have a real chance to overcome their addiction on their own terms, breaking free of the ties that bind. Our programme covers 7 weeks and is split into 2 distinct phases. The first phase aims to educate the patient on the dangers of substance abuse and dependency and the influence it has on their lives. This equips the patient to get to grips with their addiction and find a way to overcome it for good.

The second phase of our programme is voluntary and comes highly recommended, as it teaches the patient about social reintegration once they leave our treatment and how to avoid any pitfalls in the real world. In the end, if someone genuinely wants to break their addiction, it falls to them to get to a point where they can commit to a better path. Otherwise, they are bound to relapse into their own ways. We admit people of 18 years and older, and strictly on a voluntary basis, to our alcohol rehabilitation programme.

Our Facilities

Beethoven Recovery Centre is located just outside Pretoria, removed from the busy city hustle, and nestled in beautiful mother nature. With the Hartbeespoort dam and Magaliesberg mountains next to us, we create a peaceful environment that promotes self-healing and self-reflection, giving our patients the best possible setting to overcome addiction. We offer comfortable accommodation, wit ha professional chef that prepares 3 meals a day and in-between snacks. Our premises also include a gym and recreational activities.

If you are looking for an alcohol rehabilitation programme that will give you a real shot to overcome your addiction, Beethoven Recovery Centre is your answer. Please browse our website for details on our programme and facilities, or contact us today with any enquiries.

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