A Rehab Centre That Understands

While you often hear stories about how people struggle to recover from addictions and how some of them, after treatment, suffer relapses, it is also comforting to know that you can find a rehab centre out there that will be able to help you with a successful recovery.

People are sometimes very quick to judge those who have fallen into the claws of addiction. Yes, it was the choice of the individual to first start experimenting with these substances, but the problem with addiction is that the body becomes dependent on the substance to such a degree that the person cannot go without it, even if they wanted to. It is a very lonely place to be and even if they want to stop the abuse, addicts often feel that they are completely on their own in this fight ??? not just against the substances, but against the world. This is why rehab centres are so important ??? not only to help the addict free him- or herself from the clutches of their addiction, but also to have a sense of belonging, to know that they are not alone in the fight and to help them regain their proper place in society when they make it to the other end.

While addiction is a very real-life destroying problem in our society today, a large percentage of addicts never make it to rehab centres. Why is that? Many will argue that it is a lack of motivation on behalf of the addict. But rehab centres are not completely innocent either. There have been many stories about centres that treat their patients in unacceptable and even inhumane ways. They might argue that harsh treatment is necessary to ???shock??? their patients out of the abusive cycle of addiction, but there has been no proof that such treatment is an effective solution to this intricate problem.

The Important Role of Rehab Centres

For successful treatment, a holistic approach is required, which provides the patient with proper medical, psychological, and spiritual support and care ??? an approach that looks after their medical well-being, as well as restores their faith and self-image in a healthy lifestyle. This holistic approach is the route that we believe in at Beethoven Recovery Centre. While we certainly understand and agree that the abuse has to be discontinued and that the patient will probably require medical help in achieving this while preserving their health, we also firmly believe that rehab centres need to do more than this in order to achieve true, sustainable success.

If an addict has any hope of a full recovery, the cause of the abuse needs to be identified and treated, which frequently has psychological origins. Addicts also require a new lease on life. Their self-confidence needs to be restored and they must realise that they do have a valid place in society and can make a success of their lives without substances once they leave the centre.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is situated close to the Lanseria International Airport, in Gauteng, and we have a good success rate of sustainable recovery. We have achieved this mainly because of our holistic approach, whereby we provide medical, psychological, and spiritual help and guidance. This ensures that the patient has the opportunity to evaluate and address all aspects of their life, in order to eliminate other possible triggers for relapse and to gain full control, self-respect and a feeling of belonging. We would not be able to provide this help if it wasn’t for our expert and dedicated staff who acts with compassion and the utmost professionalism. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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