A Professional Psychiatric Unit near Gauteng

Are you struggling with a treatable mental disorder? Beethoven Recovery Centre offers a psychiatric unit that delivers professional psychiatric care for our patients. We can assist with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, conversion disorder, and ADHD to ensure that you are in good hands. Our facility is remotely located and nestled in the heart of mother nature to create an environment that is ideal for psychiatric care – free from any distractions and city noises. In this article, we talk about the effects of a mental disorder on a person’s life and how they can seek professional treatment to overcome the challenges of living with a mental disorder.

Living with a Treatable Mental Disorder

Mental disorders have the tendency to disrupt a person’s daily routines and put them in an uncomfortable spot in life – where they are unsure about themselves and the path forward. Treatable mental disorders are usually stemmed from experiencing traumatic or life-threatening events and can be carried throughout a person’s life if not addressed. These disorders usually include PTSD, depression, anxiety, and conversion disorder – all of them having dramatic and clearly noticeable effects on the people who suffer from them.

Depression and anxiety are the 2 most common types of mental disorders that adults must deal with around the world. These disorders are treatable at a psychiatric unit and should not be taken lightly when dealing with them. Both depression and anxiety have their own unique pitfalls and downward spirals that could lead to bigger consequences and letting the disorder take control of your life. Both can be berthed from experiencing a life-changing event or being put under immense stress in your personal or professional life. It is easy to buy into these mental disorders, as many people find some semblance of comfort in depression or convince themselves of worst-case scenarios through anxiety.

PTSD and Conversion Disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD for short, is a mental disorder that is berthed from experiencing a traumatic or life-threatening event. This mental disorder causes a sudden influx of stress on the body and mind when something or someone triggers a memory of the specific traumatic event that caused PTSD to develop in the first place. Such a reaction can be so severe that it leads to a panic attack in some cases. PTSD is treatable and can be managed over long terms with corresponding treatment methods.

Conversion disorder usually stems from childhood trauma and other psychological factors can also have a contributing element to the development of conversion disorder. This mental disorder invokes a condition where a person experiences physical and sensory problems that can include paralysis, numbness, seizures, deafness, or blindness, all with no neurologic pathology. Such a mental disorder would require occupational therapy to overcome these obstacles. At Beethoven Recovery Centre, our group sessions include occupational therapy, psycho-social education, and psycho-social skills training for people who suffer from conversion disorder.

Our Programme and Facilities

Our psychiatric unit delivers comfortable accommodation for our patients and admits people of 16 years of age and older to our care. Our programme is versatile and adaptable to every individual – giving them the means to receive professional psychiatric care that is tailored to their specific needs. We employ a chef and their brigade to prepare 3 delicious daily meals for our patients, along with in-between snacks to ensure that nobody goes hungry. Our facilities are peaceful, tranquil, and promote self-healing to ensure that our patients feel safe and calm during their time with us.

Our premises offer various extramural activities, along with lush gardens to explore and a gym for those who want to stay active. At Beethoven Recovery Centre’s psychiatric unit, we create a safe space where people can get the treatment that they need to face life’s challenges and overcome the challenges of their mental disorder. As a result, if you feel like life is getting too much for you and you are struggling with a mental disorder, you can always book yourself in at our psychiatric unit to receive professional treatment.

Beethoven Recovery Centre is your solution to a psychiatric unit near Gauteng. Feel free to browse our website for details on our programme and facilities and contact us today if you have any questions on how we can assist you with treatment for mental disorders. Take the helping hand that reaches out to you in 2024 with Beethoven Recovery Centre in your corner!

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